Game Rewards Are Inaccurate

  • For example, it says 2750 Goldmark for the 1st team in rewards, but at the end of the game, I only get 1750 Goldmark. This happened twice to me and I needed to report this. Is this kind of bug or something that I don't know?

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  • It happens to me too, in the last 4 or 5 games I won I got less than the reward, and didn't get the bonus for the points I made....

    Reporting to support thay gave me the difference between the reward I got and the spected one, but will never get the bonus for my points

  • Strange. Are you sure that you won the game? And are you sure that you aren't confusing the solo reward with the coalition reward? In what map did this happen, by the way?

    For sure, this is a bug of the game and support knows that as they are giving the difference not including the goldmark reward for points you made. Example of my last coalition win (game 5290825) Spected reward 3500 + points, got 2500.

  • So, should I ask the support team? Will I get more GC?

    Yes, they gave me some gm for all the games I reported (not all as I said, they don't include corresponding gm for points you made) just write error > need to speak with someone > error report > write your problem (including game id) and select that you need they help you, after that you must wait few days, check the chat after 72 hours, if they don't answer in that period, you need to select that you didn't solve your problem