How to prevent communications from being intercepted?

  • I am fairly new to this game and is currently exploring the game's espionage and diplomatic side, and has noticed that you can intercept communications using intel spies. I wish to prevent other players from doing the same to me, nor my allies. So i thought of something that may prevent it (without using counter spies):

    1. Deleting messages.
    2. Only send messenges in coalition communication.
    3. Only send messages in in-game chatrooms.

    These are what i managed to figure out, but i dont know if which one of them will actually work, or if any of them is consider cheating. If you know, please share your knowledge with me.

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  • Hi, to prevent spies from seeing your messages you can delete them. I recommend that you use in-game chat or other out-of-game messaging services. Spies cannot see what you write in the game chat.

  • Hello!

    1 - I don't know if deleting messages works, since I have seen that the other player can read them when you write and delete
    2 - I think spies can't access coalition communication
    3 - This is actually working

    I think spies can access only the last message from each player, so if both of them write something without value would work too.

    Maybe someone with more experience in this matter can confirm this, it is just what I guessed from spying :)

  • Not only the last message. If you want to embrace the fun there are 2 ways we have done it.

    1.) me and allies (usually RL friends) have downloaded an enigma simulator. We send random messages to get the settings the same, then we actually use the newspaper to send messages. It is hilarious b/c you are putting your plans on display but no one is going to break the code. We also included updates to settings to change the code.

    2.) Can send multiple messages broken into fragments.

    Ie. Message is "Let's attack Germany tomorrow at noon"

    Send it in 5 separate messages.

    1.) let's

    2.) attack

    3.) Germany

    4.) tomorrow

    5.) at noon

    chances of spies intercepting all 5 messages is very slim.

  • i have been wondering if flooding communications would work.
    For example, if I send 1000 messages to an AI, would that reduce the chances of a legit message being picked up?

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  • i have been wondering if flooding communications would work.
    For example, if I send 1000 messages to an AI, would that reduce the chances of a legit message being picked up?

    It does, but if you get unlucky, the enemy intel spy might intercept that important message out of all the clutter of messages.

  • To my knowledge, deleting messages and using coalition messages does NOT prevent spy interception.

  • Deleting messages indeed doesnt work.

    Best thing for me to avoid that enemies get my messages to other coalition members is just using discord. So I am not writing important messages in the games I am playing

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  • Most gamers are already familiar with 'DISCORD' and this is what many competitive s1914 players are using, call it unsportsmanlike if you wish, prior to this discord app, players were using facebook or skype, 3rd party communication is way players use to not only prevent messages from being intercepted by spys but also way community uses to communicate without Bytro itself monitoring your communications


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  • When you put it that way... Not having my content monitored for a potential ban due to how I express myself would have some merit. Especially if I had something - excitable - to say. I retract my reference to unsportsmanlike behavior. I'll just consider it less than optimal, but worth consideration due to external influences.