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  • I would like to make a confession, as much as I disliked the previous Report / Ticket process which usually resulted in predefined responses from (GO's) Game Operators, I dislike the new BOT reporting system even more.

    We are told to use CHROME Browser for this game, while filing a report you must use some alternative browser, Chrome does not work for me I must use Brave to get to BOT Drop Down.


    Here is the standard process when utilizing the BOT Reporting system>

    It starts off ok. Asking how it can help you today.

    Then asks your name?

    It is the same user name I logged into your game with!!!

    Then it asks for your e-mail!

    Why do you want to know my e-mail? Do you not have that information when I enter a support ticket..

    Then it asks you to choose an option.

    Then it decides that option for you if you take to long and then says they will be InTouch.


    Reaching out to staff on various Discord servers or using global chat always gets same response from staff, "FILE A REPORT". I would appreciate some insight from staff on how community is supposed to proceed when we have only this BOT for 'submission of reports', also would community members please give their input.

    There is a clear problem when we file a report and getting ZERO feedback, no acknowledgment that report was received of, no way to appeal decisions. Just auto responses, generic replies, and closed tickets. I see the good Bytro is striving for, to automate and streamline everything, but specific issues like this, needs a pair of eyes to investigate. Not a bot.

    Please give a "Thumbs up" if you like to have more interactive process with feed back, when filing a Report/Ticket.

    Kind Regards,

    Hastings TNT

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  • I do agree with you. I do not like the new automated system.

    It also locks you support report into waiting for a reply. So therefore unable to submit another report within that game until first one is resolved!

  • i dont like the new system too.. At least provide a brief response when the ticket is closed. A one-sentence template response is better than nothing

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