Can I Get My Old Username Retrieved?

  • I was wondering if it was possible to retrieve an old username that I once had on my old account. I deleted the account a while back and did not realize it made the Username invalid. Is there anyway I can get it back? Either way thanks! :)

    Gerard Leman

    "Gerard Leman" was my old username

  • CapnBlaze

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  • This would be interesting to know. I last played back in 9/2019 and have been poking around to pick back up the basics. I noticed I could not find any of my old posts and I had to set up a new account. Interestingly, I was still recognized as in a team and all my old metals and points appear to have been saved. It would be nice to have access to my old posts as I had several information posts which could help me get back up to speed - taking into consideration that I will still need to learn how any changes in the last 5 years have altered strategy.