How does Dis/Embarking work

  • Hi

    simple question regarding dis/embark:

    Is there any difference in combat ability or unit strength if I command a unit stack which is currently Dis/embarking to attack an enemy?

    Its kind of a weird Question but if there is no real difference i may have had the worst rng possible i guess.

    Let me elaborate:

    Game 1:

    The Ai is attacking me with 3 infantry with about 60 morale - i defend with 13 infantry and 80+ morale while they are disembarking.

    The result is i lost 3 infantry ...

    This happened again with 2 Infantry vs 10 or 11 (morale being again in my favor) and i still lost 2 troops there.


    I land on enemies coast with a 46 stack of 83 morale - it happened during the night so i didnt catch the exact dmg ticks but from the newspaper i could redo the math to 2 infantry stacks one with 6 and one with 4 melted my stack within 2 combat ticks down to 27 - while in return only losing 3 and 2 units themselves. I know there is a penalty for embarked units and combat efficiancy for larger stacks but then again see example from Game 1. I just want to make some sense of that because the range of possible rng is just meh ...

    Is there any combat difference between attacking them and continue to disembark?

    If i am not mistaken attacking them should delay the disembark action until the enemy stack is dead. Right?

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  • I have not played in a long time. I am just now poking about to re-educate myself about the mechanics and see if I want to pick the game up again. That said:

    Back in the day the troops coming from the water had often lost so much morale as to be at 10-25% of their usual combat effectiveness and vastly weaker than those units still on the ground. In team play people often avoid even trying to land a stack against a defending shore troop 1/10 it's size. Land units grow quickly weaker when swimming. The speed that land troops degrade can be reduced if you have them travel with a water unit... or at least... this used to be true.

  • Short Answer, Yes.

    If your army unit(s) are at sea, they do 1/3 damage and have 1/3 strength. When disembarking, they are considered to be at sea for this purpose.

    This is also at game start, Islands are very hard to invade.

    It would not slow down disembarking even if they are attacked. Think of D-day Normandy. Allies got bombed but they still got on the shore.

  • No i specifically mean when a disembarking unit stack (like 3 hours, or 3 combat ticks left) is in combat, shall i:

    - continue to disembark so i only have 3 more "bad" combat ticks


    - give the order to attack the enemy even if that means disembarking will be delayed until another command is given or the enemy stack is dead. Is my unit stack "stronger" this way or is it just a plain mistake with no advantages to do that.

    I posted this because the Ai managed to trade 1 for 1 while disembarking on my shore. Just wanted to make sure if that was bullshit rng or a legit move from the Ai (at least i think it does fight back and stops disembarking).

  • Thanks for the help. If I still face any issues. I will update you soon.

  • Units that are in the process of disembarking from a transport are typically at a disadvantage in combat compared to units that are already on land. This can be due to a number of factors, such as the unit being disorganized or slowed down by the process of disembarking, or being more vulnerable to attack due to being in a confined space.

    As a result, it is generally not advisable to attack an enemy with units that are in the process of disembarking, unless you have a significant advantage in terms of numbers or morale. In the examples you described, it is possible that the outcomes were affected by random chance (also known as "RNG," or "random number generator"), but it is also possible that the enemy units had some other advantage, such as better equipment or terrain bonuses.

    As for your question about the difference between attacking an enemy while they are disembarking and continuing to disembark: attacking an enemy while disembarking should delay the disembark action until the enemy stack is defeated, but it is still likely that your units will be at a disadvantage in combat due to the factors mentioned above. It is generally best to try to finish disembarking as quickly as possible and move your units to safer ground before engaging the enemy

  • I feel tanks should be able to fire as a canon does not just used a ground unit that has a hire hit point once it’s engaged it’s target it’s more of of steamroller also when troops become a water craft they should be the slowest and the most vulnerable in the ocean and not be able to run down a battle ship or cruiser And last but not least if you have a large number troops engaged with a a lower amount of troops you should be able to move a percentage away to another target but as long as you’re in combat you must finish your fight for example I sent in 650 troops to Germany they had 90 troops I tried to split my troops to attack another provinces but could not due to being in combat and they kept coming with small forces about 20 minutes apart to keep me trapped in one location which lasted 5 hour’s when if I could have moved troops I could have done much more damage

  • A common trick is to let an enemy start to disembark and then catch them as they will be caught in combat and 1. lost a lot from being in the water and 2. be trapped in combat slowing them down even when they land. a naval invasion is very difficult until late game with enough supporting units. if you are disembarking and the AI catches you on the coast you will lose a lot more even if your troops are at 100% moral. I have won several 3 v 1 against me I had no right too using this trick. Either catch your opponent while they are asleep, talk your way out of it, or back stab an ally else you will regret it and very likely lose the war from that bad invasion.
    Side note if you move troops in 1 at a time they do not get the quicker disembarking from the first group.