Apply to join the EN Chat & forum Moderation Team

  • Dear Generals,

    We continually seek Moderators and train new staff in our ongoing task of supporting chatrooms and forum

    Would you like to get involved in helping the Supremacy1914 community ?

    Are there requirements?

    · You have to be at least 18 years old.

    · You should be a visible and helpful presence in Global Chat and Help Chat.

    · You have good writing skills.

    · You communicate in a clean and diplomatic way.

    · You are a reliable team player.

    · You have strong knowledge and experience with the game as well as its mechanics.

    · Able to work on your tasks multiple days a week.

    · Presence on desktop version of the game, strong mobile knowledge is a significant plus.

    What duties might you have?

    · Support users if they have questions or requests.

    · Ensure compliance with the Terms of Service (ToS), forum rules, and chat rules.

    · Forum moderation

    · Participation in team discord

    · Information exchange via Discord

    Will there be a reimbursement for my work?

    · You will receive respect and gratitude from all the players of our community

    · There will be monthly Goldmark's added to your account and you will receive Premium for being part of the staff

    Your application should include the following information:

    · In game name and player ID

    · Your name, age, country you reside in/time zone, and your Discord account

    · Why you are applying for the position

    · How much experience you have in the game

    · Any experience working as a moderator, assisting others, and/or in customer support

    . What devices do you play on?

    How do I apply?

    Please send an application to: Field Marshal Dan , Gumba. or Pinguzard

    Legacy players, all played to the end. *Salute*


    Field Marshal Dan

    Senior Moderator

    EN Support | Bytro Labs
    Supremacy1914 | Iron Order1919

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