select meeting point by provinces tab

  • This game desperately needs the option to choose the meeting point from the provinces tab!

    This will help a lot on both mobile and PC.

    I'm playing a 500x500 map where I already have over 500 villages. And my factory production is all scattered because I can't organize the meeting point of the provinces efficiently.

    In the provinces tab we managed to organize the villages by factory (which is wonderful), but as we conquer new provinces, new factories, it becomes very difficult to organize the displacement of troops directly from the province to the chosen strategic point. You have to choose from province to province, and when you go to the choose province and back, the scrolling list goes back to the top.

    Think how much it would help to just choose the provinces that are producing bombers and fighters and put the meeting point in one place, without difficulty caused by the distance from one province to another, it's very annoying when you've already selected several by pressing and holding 3s each, and when you do that in another one, you lose all selection because the game understands that you want to select a troop there, and opens the troop selection window.

    Anyway, all this would be solved, with, in addition to the options to build and produce, in the provinces tab, you would have the option, when selecting several, to define a meeting point!!

    Thanks for reading!

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