Enemy Artillery fired twice within 10 minutes?

  • Hi there,

    its me another time with a strange question/scenario.

    I send a distraction/bait unit into enemy artillery fire and had my own artillery on a 12 minute delay to avoid splash damage.

    My distraction/bait unit died and when my big stack arrived, the enemy artillery shot again... ?

    Can someone enlighten me whats happening here?

    Regarding my screenshot:

    on the left you can see the message I lost unit at 3:20

    at the middle you can see the impact where my unit died found a heroic death (quite far away from my artillery...)

    on the right i tracked the timers, as you can see its 4:09 and my artillery and the enemy artillery still have 20 minutes till the next combat tick which means it will be at 4:29.

    So no clue what happened here ...


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  • Correct. Arty only takes one minute to reload after killing off a stack. I guess exactly to prevent cute plays like you tried to pull off. (this goes for all range units btw)

    What? No....no.

    @op, If you send a single unit against a stack, one of the early RNG rolls would do damage and leaving others unused.

    In more detail, every time two armies engage each other, they both roll dice and damage or miss each other. A stack is like that many dice in your hands. You need higher than a certain number (say 3 in a 6, just an example) to roll.

    Usually, full stacks will roll all their dice before damage is calculated and reload times starting. When you send a single unit bait, at times, the first die roll will kill it, and in those rare occasions, since most your dice are uncast, your reload timer is reset.

    I don't know if this this a bug or a feature.