ToS needs updated.

  • While reading through "chat rules", there is no mention of posting a Bible verse.

    To delete my peacefully posting of a daily scripture, along with asking to be contacted through PMs or whispers, is going outside the rule boundaries as they appear currently. There is no harm no foul should someone or all not want it, they can simply walk on by and ignore. However to delete the seed for someone whom might want to find out more is blatantly wrong.

    I understand this is a company's domain and all that. I just ask that the "chat rules" be updated to clearly outline what we can and cannot post in the chats. Because at this very moment of posting this, I was well within the rules of what I did and feel discriminated against when the post got deleted.

    No one cried or complained, therefore no one was offended but the one who deleted it.

    Peace and love,


  • i agree if the rules will not allow some mercy to say the posting of a bible verse a day i mean you might as well censor or ban someone for saying OMG it would be appreciated if someone looked into the possibilities of updating ToS

  • 13.1 The Participant is aware that he uses the game together with many other Participants and communicates with different Participants when using the additional services. In order to achieve an enjoyable gaming experience, it is necessary to adhere to the rules of the game. The Participants accept the rules of the game and the ToS as binding. The Participants will follow Bytro Lab’s instructions which will be provided by the game supervisor. Additionally, the Participants will refrain from any conduct which may interfere with the operation of the game and/or the additional services and which may disturb an enjoyable gaming experience.
    Please explain what needs to be spelled out more clearly.
    The rules of chat are derived from the ToS and supported by it.
    Please not the "Player will follow the game supervisors instructions" part. That would be the mods in chat and forums, the Game Operators in a game itself.
    Because every possible contingency is not, and will not be explained in every possible detail and scenario, suffice to say, if a subject infringes upon another players ability to enjoy the game, such as religious discussions or political in nature, we will act accordingly to ensure that it follows these guidelines.
    There are thousands of sights available to find like minded people. This is one of them for folks that wish to enjoy a game. If political. racial, religious or other themes are your gig, then look them up. The internet is your oyster. Find the pearls you seek.

    A half truth is merely a half lie.

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