• I'd like to see another building that is alot like the capitol. It would help morale in a certain area of a country and be very pricey. It would essentially be a government building that you could build to increase morale and combat the expansion penalty. Probably would need to only be allowed to be built one per so many provinces and essentially make it easier to to manage that penalty and keep morale managable (not that it isnt already). Idk to make it more practical easily damaged through a shortage of a certain resource. Please leave counter ideas, approve or dissaprove of this idea, and leave your reason for your answer.

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  • I think the best implementation of a secondary capital would look as follows, off the top of my head. Feel free to tweak it.

    +5 morale in home province

    Decreases "distance from capital" penalty by adding its own distance-based morale factor, which alleviates up to 75% of the capital penalty for provinces that are within 1/2 of what would be a capital's effect range.
    If your capital is captured, the secondary capital immediately becomes the new Capital to mitigate morale loss at the next day change.

    Construction cost of a secondary capital should be equal to construction cost of a capital.
    Loss of a secondary capital province forfeits 1/4 of your silver to the captor and causes a 10% drop in province morale throughout the country (with a 5% morale boost to the captor).


    For 1/4 the cost of a new capital, you can transfer your capital to the secondary capital, making the former capital a secondary capital, to better manage country growth and prevent the loss of your primary capital in war.

  • i like that but instead of a +5 in home province i believe a +10 would be not too much and the transfer thing is a good idea i think there should be bounderies to how many can be built and i think it should be slightly more expensive then a new capitol that way people dont just go spamming them in provinces and yeah it should alleviate some of the capitol distance penalty not completely get rid of it i dont think it should become your primary capitol if your capitol is lost until after youve experianced some of hurt from losing your capitol that way people are still prone to see their capitol fixing to be taken and can say use GM that way bytro would get some benefit that is if you dont have the resources of course but the 1/4 resources to transfer i like and yes the captor should get a 5% morale boost in all provinces sry for the informal layout im in a hurry while typing this