HP regeneration?

  • how does this wok?

    my unit seems to be not regenerating on newly captured city,

    - why is regeneration is sooooooo ssllllooooooowwww?

    - does regeneration have to do with morale of the city?

    - does the army/unit have to be in/on the city to regenerate?

    why is AI units move very fast? without penalties to their HPs?

    i have 4 arty bombarding and 127 inf + 3 Heavy tank moving for attack, normal speed,

    im attacking a lvl V fort with 1 AI inf defender and 3 AI units moving very past to reinforce it, AI moving fast with out HP penalty.

    it catches up, reinforced the fort, after a 30-40 min battle i lost 4 inf and the hp of my tank was reduced along with my infantry.

    why is this?

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  • For your first question, Yes it has everything to do with morale. Once (someone plz correct me if I'm wrong) you get a province over 70% (morale) your gonna see optimal increase of morale, per unit, per day change. It increases by 14.28% at day change. For the second, on enemy territory your units have a speed penalty, where there's a speed boost for moving on friendly territory aka (yours/allies) so I would say that's likely what your seeing.