Question: are we going to see new units in the game?

  • I wanted to know if we would ever see new units in the game. If so, I was thinking maybe transport vehicles that can only carry a certain number of troops and have a required time when boarding and disembarking.

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  • They have ACs for what you just said. There's so many people who don't even know how to get to build the current mechs and so many that don't know how to use them properly. Even if you have all that down winning and competing against others alliances, the AT, the chat, chatters maps, individual tournaments, you can put on your own little tournament and advertise it. This game should never get boring and considering all that I see no reason for anymore mechs then what we got now. I mean if you still want to see new I'd come up with it, what it would do, it's stats, and what current mech it would replace, or what level it should be added. That's my recomendation cause I and I know others enjoy the current mechs alot.

  • Railroads move your troops faster. There are no "trucks" to move troops around. AC are for scouting not carrying troops, or they are great defensive units.

    This is WWI not many units that they don't have.

    Barring gas attacks