Lets talk Battleship defense

  • I found myself in a situation against a single battleship.
    one battleship no support troops running up and down coast spending a couple hours wrecking havoc on all of my provs. stopping production of anything tearing down my fortresses. Artys aren't out of range. subs do little to no damage. stacked subs and light cruisers do a couple of hits and are blown away. planes will do some hits and ultimately meet their demise.

    i am then in the situation of well lets build else where try to get some bombers going or lets go get a rail gunner going. but then i would run out of resources to ever be able to defend myself from the troops once they come.
    are battleships just OP now with only rail gunners being your only hope or throwing 3+ bombers and hoping RNG is on your side?

    **not a woo is me tale just trying to help others for future defensive/offensive situations

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  • 7 subs should I believe one shot a BB. Of course there's RNG but you have to be prepared for this stuff. 10 subs or at least 5 bombers by now, and this wouldn't be a problem so it's not that BB's cant be touched its that you have to have a defensive plan against them.