Release notes - 2023-02-21

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    Attention Generals!

    In this update, we introduced multiple balancing changes to the game based on your quality feedback on Discord. These improvements go along with the recently introduced combat mechanics update and improve some features of both buildings and units. Good news for the balloon fans - it now has a scouting feature for submarines and fortresses!

    We also made several adjustments to the speed maps. Arrival times as well as production/construction information are adjusted to the speed factor of each map. Every map is also showing speed information in the game menu. This will make your calculations easier when planning moves.

    Finally, we fixed some annoying bugs with badges that made it hard for you to earn them and track your progress. At the moment all badge requirements as well as images are displayed as they should be - check out the achievement tab to see how many you can get!

    For a complete overview of all changes, please check our detailed list of updates and share your feedback with us here on the forums and on our Discord server.

    Best of luck General,

    Your Bytro Team