• Hi, sorry if this has been answered I can't find the information.

    I have an enemy (Greenland) boxing me in to Norway. Why can he see my submarines?

    He was my ally but surprise attacked me, and has me boxed in - whenever I sortee out with subs, not even going for his ships he immediately picks them off every time. They don't seem to run into his subs (I never see his), and I'm under the (wrong?) impression it's too far for his air cover. I'm not venturing very far out at all.

    Cheers, Rob, Nottingham, England.

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  • Rob, it sounds to me as if your former ally is using Gold Marks to reveal all armies and attacking your stealth units while the information is still reliable.
    Countering this is tricky, you can of course do the same and see where he is laying traps for your naval units and adjust as needed.
    Keeping you subs moving all the time at random, but still with purpose, is the best I can offer you for a non GM use compensation to this. Spy reports are only a picture in time, so if you move prior to his arrival, he will atttacka unit that is no longer there.
    Best of luck to you.

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