​ Trade mech units. (non-abusable)

  • The real reason unit trades were removed was because of an over powered exploit with planes and ability to trade planes to another player during attack which caused continuous attacking of a target.

    Thank you Hastings, didn't know this exploit but this is also solved with the new proposal as "trade mech" would have 24h delay :)

    I doubt Bytro will pursue any such alterations which would complicate the new simplicity of the game> UNLESS... there was a way to that Bytro could make profit from the pursuit.

    For Bytro to get some return on their investment, They can enable it for high command only, as they have done with share intelligence.
    I would be happy to pay a fee to have this extra option in the game as it is very useful for peace agreements, cooperation and opens more playstyles.

  • I see this as a great feature for RP games, but it would need some more limitations like:

    -Limit of traded mechs per day/week/game

    -Disabled for big maps (100 and 500p)

    Another option is to turn this into a feature of a new "Roleplay mode" where DEVs could add more RP stuff over the time. This mode wouldn't affect to the stats, as roleplay is more for creating a story rather than improving your KD and stats. It could also bring more features like disabling Goldmark, vassals, an improved newspaper adapted for RP...

    I wouldn't bring this feature to normal games, not only because it would make it easier for multiaccounters, account pushers and wolfpackers, but also because it would be a HUGE advantage for groups of players and alliances... Big players would give tons of mechs for free to their allies (what is actually account pushing), and it would ruin 100p, 500p, and especially gold rush games.

    I'll be hearing from you. Have a good day!

  • When trading units was an option for s1914 , it was limited to 10% of units, also agree it would be great for land swaps at start of any role play IMO, as for the RP community the multi cheaters exist there also, IMO Bytro need to be more severe in banning accounts which are using same IP address in same map, not options or sad stories and excuses, any time it happens and is caught one of the accounts involved should be perma banned. Only problem I could see with more strict enforcement of rule is when the IP address is some public server like a school, coffeeshop or something with shared wi-fi ;I do not know all the details but it has never made sense to me to show leniency to cheaters


    Embrace your true nature , enjoy games and have fun!