[Resolved] Supremacy works very bad on Microsoft Edge

  • Dear Supremacy Team,

    Is there something i'm missing, because Supremacy is running really bad on my computer.

    Please find my PC specs below:

    I don't think a browser based game should be an issue with this spec, even thou its old af - 2012 old.
    Please assist if possible .

    Best Regards,


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  • Not anymore, Since a while Edge runs on Chromium, so uses the same technology as Google Chrome. Apparently it's even slimmer than Chrome nowadays. Added benefit: The new bing search is AI powered and integrated into Edge, so one can make use of all the shiny new AI functionalities.

    Regarding the OP: This PC should be perfectly capable of running the game smoothly. If it doesn't then I don't really know why, could also be some local problem (like a graphics driver problem?) or indeed a browser problem (also perhaps certain browser add-ons). Or perhaps you noticed lag in the confirmation of commands and not in the rendering itself, which rather is dependend on server connection and capacity.

  • Is it possible it is windows related, or some missing drivers, java stuff or whatever?

    Could be a driver problem, I don't know. Could also be due to your browser not running with your dedicated graphics card but maybe with some onboard card. Try forcing your dedicated graphics card to run your browser via the nvidia settings panel. If you have a laptop and another screen it could also be that one screen runs on one card and the other screen on the other card, so could also try using the other screen.

  • Freezy, I've opened two help desk tickets and created a thread on the forum and no one is offering any help. I am missing a victory in my stats. How do I go about having this rectified? It was one of my last three games, all victories. I just want to get credit for what I accomplished.

  • Hello, it was related to hardware acceleration from Edge Settings, I had it turned off sometime in the past and didn't know it affected the game. The game is working as like the store app now!

    Hardware acceleration - ON! - Resolution.

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