Defence Strategies

  • I have been attacked by two neighbouring countries on Day 1 of a map. These two are allied! What's the best way to defend?

    At this point, I'm only defending with infantry and two ACs. I'm losing a lot of troops because of this two-pronged attack though. Also, any advice on the best way to speed up infantry production? I'm building Barracks and Workshops (lvl. 2) in Double Resource provs, anything else I can do?

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  • The workshop won't speed up up infantry production. That just speeds up other units. Besides barracks you can build railways and forts to increase province morale which will increase infantry production. Note, the railways and forts will only raise the target morale and cause the morale to just increase a bit faster at day change, but doesn't directly increase morale. For a shorter term strategy you might be better off spending resources on just barracks, though forts will help you defend also.

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  • Forts and armored cars are your best bet. Armored cars are very strong when defending and forts reduce damage dramatically. At the same time reach out to all neighbors surrounding the two you're fighting. Let them know that the two countries you are fighting are very vulnerable since they are committing so many forces to attacking you.

    Good luck. That's a tough situation.

  • The best defense in these cases is to have the cities that attack you at least level 2, then (also depending on your iron production, you should make as many cars as you can, the more the better, also like this after an attack if you have to move them the speed is excellent.

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  • Hm... No1 did not answer to his question... day1...

    First day is hard to decide.. u need look what resources u have, what your neighbours have, to see who will potentialy attack u. Also u need look where u will expand so you can decide to build forts.

    Try make diplomacy

    Since u are vs 2 other guys... better luck next time

  • I've had to pull back to better fortified positions sacrificing the provinces that are not well fortified. And like the others say. You want armored cars along with some troops defending a fort. But at day one there are no forts so the province with the most buildings because it gains hit points for each building. But yeah you can also produce some cavalry. They work well for attack in the early stages of a map. Cavalry a few troops and an AC and counter attack enemy troops especially if you can catch them in the open between provinces.

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