Limits for number of frriends supporting each other on the map

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    I believe that author of other topic was saying that friends supporting friends influence balance, flow and joy of game more than he would like to.

    I think the same as groups of friends on map are worse than multis, 1 high level cheater or wolfpacks joining late in the game.

    Why - because friends' packs influence game more than above cases and are allowed.

    Simple example - how much you increase your chances to win a game if 10 of you friends donated half of their resources to you = you would have 6 time more resources in the first day than anyone else around. It is wolfpack in a clear sense but hidden behind nice words of friendship.

    Same goes later in the game if someone receives 50 times more resources than she / he produces...

    Thank you , your Honor. Prosecution has presented it's evidence.

  • good luck fix it. I can tell 2 think won't be fix this game because they are need to make go on.

    1. The spender off gm and I mean spend I don't that spend or 1/2 to win against like 100 EUR. I mean real spender I got a lot in the past spend to win that map around 3/4 k EUR that give other ppl don't a free account.

    In the early game face is mostly imposibel to win against them playing solo so I played with friend and won it yes we did.

    For a big spender you need spend like 5/6 ppl around 25-50 EUR and with skill survive they early and kill him in late.

    That make second problem you put **friends**.

    2 friends I played max number 1 map I amazed every happen was 17 in the same map all around they world.

    Generally I play with 4 friend so that border day 1 are free can expand 1 direction.

    If are solo players ofcourse in early game if close both I garanty you won't survive because gm will spend a lot I saw day 8 worst map 1 50 arty stack , good luck win against that. If go and complain about or his gm safe they you get warning worst case a ban. ( 1 map I was banned because it I know it).

    Late game is both ways acceptabil to fight.

    And yes with 4 ppl I played we won together from 15 500 map I joined we won 10!.

    And there was in past coalition that join . 1 test round I don't have the pic anymore we were 56 ppl in the same coalition.

    Anyways this all past for me since I not game a damn about the game anymore .

    But still I wish good luck!

    Enforcer(Angel of Death)b78//+