​Betrayed in Diplomacy: Seeking Revenge or Redemption? ​

  • Alright, so here’s the tea: Trusted an ally, got stabbed in the back. My entire strategy’s in ruins now. How do you seasoned commanders rebuild after deceit? Do you seek revenge or just rebuild and refocus? Lay it on me,2 because right now, my empire's thirsting for vengeance.


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  • This is beyond a personal preference.

    This is game player - game play... each has their own and some actually (simply) play this way.

    It is hard to risk any ally status with a player out side of your alliance - yes, even coalitions can be this way or even worst "common relationships between multiple coalitions" ... etc....

    There are a lot of deceit plays to be and will be seen - some in the worst manor and some, simply play.

    How you act or react and choose to handle such game play is really based on you as a player.

    Don't get me wrong - i personally disagree with breaking a "gentlemen's handshake" and would not - but that does not mean the other truly does honor the same value - game or not.


    rebuild - Yes

    refocus - Yes

    revenge - .... well - idk... depends on the map / time and many factors... sometime - their own dacite kills them off long before it is worth your energy.

    My advice - is:

    Stay true to yourself as a player.

    Stay focused on how you actually win the game - VP's.

    Stay smart and humble - do not let one other player - play on emotional or reactive responses from you.

    Then given the chance... yeah - smash and take it all from them... lol... JK

    but take the lesson as it is - because it will happen and remember the world/ map/ game is small.

    Be a honest player first foremost and do what you feel/ think is best.