• Previously I play Call of War, Now playing Supremacy 1914.

    That is many thing can improve in supremacy 1914.

    1)Air unit - Currently only have 3 type. should add more like strategic bomber (damage building) , naval bomber (Attack naval) . heavy bomber( attack tank), .current bomber change to attack infantry.

    2)Naval - Currently have 3 type, should add aircraft carrier(carry airplane), cruiser (anti air). Submarine should add damage when attack battleship. , destroyer add damage when facing submarine.

    3)Land unit - add anti Air unit, anti tank unit. differentiate between heavy tank and light tank(Move faster).

    4)All unit should have level. high level have better defence and attack.

    5)Add on research, Technology is important. high technology high level unit.

    6) Should not all build cost is Base on OIL. Resources should not just focus on OIL only.

    7) Add on List of Damage unit at news. I cant find my damage unit at news( if big war is hard to find).

    8. If possible add in different Doctrine, so some player may have different unit power.

    9. If compare with Call of war, Many strategic can be use,. Small country can fight with big country. In supremacy, Just group your army together than go enemy land. And Mostly is Big country will win the war.

    10. Improve anti cheat system. Call of war will detect cheat player. However Supremacy even did not reply to reporter.


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  • Greetings! I the other way around, I first started playing Supremacy 1914 and then discovered Call of War, however the latter I didn't like so much as the interface is very faded which makes it look somewhat boring. On the other hand it lacks improvements to its game mechanics.

    I completely agree that they should add other units to Supremacy 1914, however we have to be coherent since as the name of the game indicates its events take place between 1914 and 1918. By this time there were not many models of aircraft, there were few models and very rudimentary as they were just beginning to be used for war purposes, although if you can add another model of aircraft with other purposes in the game, for example a plane that can launch incendiary rockets Le Prieur, these rockets were used to set fire to the spy balloons, barrage balloons and others. The barrage balloon can also be added as a new air unit, these were used to protect cities from aerial bombardment.

    2 ) Naval: Aircraft carriers cannot be added to Supremacy 1914 since the first aircraft carrier in history entered service in 1919, just after the end of World War I, so this ship was not used in this war.

    3 ) Terrestrial: In terrestrial units if it is necessary to add an anti-aircraft unit, these already existed in the first world war so it would be historically correct to add it to the game. Other land units that can add is the heavy artillery gun M Gerät 14 which was used to destroy the fortresses and had more destructive power than the Möser M10, they can also add mechanized infantry to carry out the Blitzcriegz with greater speed and effectiveness.

    Your proposal #6 I fully support it, constructions and maintenance of units should not be based only on oil, that should be fixed as it is unrealistic.

    Proposal #7, I agree with you!

    Proposal #8 no, personally I think Supremacy 1914 is fine without doctrines, this gives it the essence of being Supremacy 1914, also all players can access all the equipment the game provides.

    #9 I didn't understand, explain this point better.

  • may be can create story map from 1914 - 1945.

    9. In supre 1914, Most player which i meet, they group army together (1k-3k unit), they coming attack. only 1 strategic.

    In call of war. If enemy group together, then can "Nucklear it"

    For air, can use strategic bomber, heavy bomber to attack. even with carrier airplane. For land, can choose many type of vehicle or infantry. if your enemy focus on tank, you build lot of infantry, then you are trouble. however, if you have lot of Anti tank. then your enemy will face trouble. Something like restrain each type of army.

    With restrain each type of army - if you can win on battle, you will get advantage, however in supreme 1914. with group large army together, the small country even win, will loss a lot of army. However the big country still can benefit from large economy and free infantry to further attack.

    In supre 1914, 200 land country is hard to fight 400 land country. , the expansion is not useful. mostly all land can get 100 morale.

    In call of war, Expansion penalty is high + distance capital. average mostly can get 80% morale or even lower.

    But supre is good one thing. not so fast at call of war. Call of war when you slept, everything is change.

  • These differences from COW you cite are what makes S1914 unique. It's a different game with a largely different player base. Why would you want to turn it into COW? Just play COW.

  • 9. I understand your point, I am not that kind of player and I find it annoying when those players group big armies and with them they take everything in their path, those players are not real strategists, they are not statesmen either, their economies and their human capital is thanks to their unbridled expansion, but that unbridled expansion can also lead them to lose total control over the occupied territories and also over their country.

    It is difficult to counter such large armies, but it is not impossible, my strategy against these huge armies is to go on the defensive, I let my opponent go on the offensive and attack directly my highest level fortresses, meanwhile I bombard his army from the rear with artillery, that will cause him great losses and although I also cause me losses these will not be comparable to those of my opponent as his losses will always be much higher than mine. In conclusion, go on the defensive and combine high level fortresses plus artillery, when you are on the defensive you will have a strategic advantage, when you go on the offensive and your opponent is on the defensive you will have a strategic disadvantage.

    As for the speed of the game you can choose whether to play a fast game (x2, x4 or x6) or a slow game where you can sleep peacefully, personally I like the games in real time, 1 day in the game = 24 real hours, these games seem to me more fun because they last longer and better because they let me do more time and better because they let me sleep haha^^

  • I think the supremacy should add different types of terrain to have more logical and positional fights.

    For example, in jungles, infantry can fight better than on flat ground or, in mountains viecles must move more slowly rather other terrains, and etc...