No more daily free goldmarks on mobile devices?

  • FMD

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  • for me its working fine, im taking my GM everyday, maybe try to login in another device, maybe its some kind of addblock or antywir/spywere app on your device.

    try to click at GM + button, and then it will open window when you can buy GM, and when you scroll down, there should be buttons for free gm for watching ads.

  • I appreciate the replies. Crocked Legs, I tried everything, logged out and in again, using 2 different mobile devices, haven't installed any new apps, scrolled in the shop ... also, I never had the ads icon (maybe because of my geolocation, Vietnam), but I'm ok with that. But not getting the daily free gold really makes me angry (I'm a full-time premium user). Support never got back to me

  • I don't get them anymore either :( maybe I'm on some kind of probation for losing too much lol

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