Chatters maps

  • I have played in chatters maps from days long past. Before I get into details of this write, I would like to express thank to the staff, and Field Marshal Dan, South Paw (Retired), and Avarita in particullar, for resurrecting these from the days of Java. They where, and are , a fine tool for bonding community.
    Now, to the core of the issue.
    The maps are designed to be all inclusive. No rank requirements, no GM use and no commitments when joining.
    I am dissapointed when these fundimental core values are tossed to the curb simply to keep alliance members from in fighting. I know it is there, as I have spoken with many folks, becouse I KNOW many folks.
    When this happens, expectations of a neutral game are severly tarnished, and game play becomes an alliance match rather than a free for all as intended.
    For those on the staff that are not familiar with these standards, that where honored long ago, shame be upon you for acting this way and making the game a subject of alliance honor rather than what it is designed to be.
    And for the other alliance players and team mates, shame be upon you as well.
    Play the game. Simple. Make your friends based on the map. Not based on prior commitments to one's alliance members.
    This is NOT what was originally intended, and those who know they are involved with this type of activity should be ashamed.
    Uphold what it was originally created for. Fun and a chance to participate in a community event.

    A half truth is merely a half lie.