Info about Multiple Maps

  • Here's a list with information of all the kinds of games/maps I could find, I hope it gets to be useful to someone ^ ^

    There's some maps I could not get some data from which I displayed as NaN. Those are supposed to have no day limits
    Province amounts are yet to be checked. You can check here for old information. Everything I checked so far is still correct in there so it's highly likely all is correct or with very insignificant variations

    Normal Maps:

    Map IDNamePlayer AmountMax Joining DayDay LimitSpeedProvinces
    487Mexico and USA 19142pNaN60dx1-
    486Battle for Western Europe4p760dx1-
    1232Battle of the Balkans6p760dx1-
    5663Europe 1914 Historic8p1060dx1163
    8Europe 191410p760dx1-
    223South America 191410p760dx1-
    3715Tournament Island10p1060dx1-
    194South-East Asia15p760dx1188
    225Middle East 191430p790dx1-
    52The Great War31p790dx1367
    13243Shattered America43p7120dx1-
    1210World in flames - 85 players85p10135dx1-
    4054World in flames100p10135dx11036
    4849World at War100p7135dx1-
    1256The Great War - 500 players500p14180dx15071

    Event/Speed Maps:

    Map IDNamePlayer AmountMax Joining DayDay LimitSpeedProvinces
    12872[Beta] - The Great War31p790dx1367
    6096[Tutorial] - The Great War31p490dx4367
    12848[Tutorial] - Shattered America43p4120dx4-
    4311[Dominion] - Mesopotamia40p7NaNx1-
    20294[Speed] - Crossroads of History23p1570dx10-
    4860[Speed] - Mesopotamia40p7NaNx4-
    13247[Speed] - Free For All100p742dx2-
    13248[Speed] - Free For All100p742dx4-
    4309[Speed] - World in flames100pNaN56dx41036
    10107[Event] - Mexico and USA 19142p260dx1-
    8437[Event] - Swift Strike10pNaN40dx10-
    12346[Event] - Free For All14p740dx3-
    5665[Event] - All countries: All in20p1042dx1-
    8377[Event] - All countries: All in20p1056dx4-
    12673[Event] - Crossroads of History23p1570dx6-
    4725[Event] - Arms Race31p1456dx2-
    13246[Event] - April Offensive31p790dx2-
    8418[Event] - Rush for Europe31p784dx6-
    6095[Event] - Steel and Ice50p10NaNx2-
    6070[Event] - Colonial Uprising97p7NaNx2-
    5646[Event] - Team Up!100p342dx1-
    5614[Event] - Free For All100p742dx1-
    12369[Event] - Capital Rush100p7NaNx2-
    6071[Event] - War and Peace100pNaN56dx4-
    5628[Event] - Gold Rush - The Great War500pNaN56dx4-