GM stimulation

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    I was thinking about doing what we already do but change the group with which we do it

    So we have teams and they are paid for doing their great job.

    What about creating official group of game designers and testers ( like Frontline Pioneers) who will be paid with HQ and GMs not for just being but for every discussion they lead about bugs,ways how to fix them,new ideas, gameplay ideas, map ideas.

    It could be official group but you can also read our posts and decide who can get subsidias for a good job when it comes to innovating supremacy. Who knows- maybe you will find someone who you would like to hire later in Hamburg.

    There is nothing better like a proper stimulation of cerebral ganglia.

    Maybe it would be worth thinking how to adjust free-GM bussiness model that way that is servers not only players who use it but also company.

    So lets say you have paid and free GMs. While the paid ones are Gold GMs, the free ones are more like Silver GMs. It would be good to have graphic distinction on that. Maybe even allow to use all GMs for eco and only Gold GMs for Military purposes.

    Comming back to topic. What about punishing naughty players not only with bans but also with reduction of their Silver GMs only ( free GMs only)- it seems right for me. If they are naught why not punish them properly. Maybe even open debit line with minus values on the account. This should help especially with multiaccount, wolfpacks and chat/forum offenders. If I am multiaccounter I will use all my accounts except one- in that case we should punish the account that is staying.

    GMs could be used to reward and to punish. These are two examples how they can be used.

    Thank you

    have a great day