Submarine Production Bug

  • I just purchased iron and wood in the stock market. Started to produce a submarine. Used 1.5 days of boosters to speed it up. Instead of it completing, the timer changed to 52 days. I would like my 100k silver and 1.5 days of boosters back. I reported this bug a few weeks ago as well. Do you plan on fixing it?

    I then cancelled the production after it changed to 52 days, hoping to get my resources back. I received no resources back.

  • I figured out the bug/reason. My harbor took a little bit of damage, that prevent the sub from finishing. The timer SHOULD NOT have changed to 52 days though. If I knew that at the time. I would have healed/sped it up. Still wasted resources and speedups for no reason. When it was cancelled, I should have been refunded the sub cost.