Generals - New Feature Testing

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    We are thrilled to invite our Frontline Pioneers to be part of an exclusive testing phase for an exciting new feature: Generals - starting on June 27th 2024 on beta servers! As Frontline Pioneers, you will get to test the Generals first, and we’d love to know what you think about them.

    What Are Generals?

    Generals are special units that come with unique buffs to enhance your army’s capabilities. In the future, they will also feature:

    • an intricate progression system,
    • unlocking various perks and
    • improving their effectiveness as you advance.

    First Test General: Viscount Allenby

    We’re starting with a historical figure, Viscount Allenby, who boasts impressive buffs to the army he commands:

    • Increased Movement Speed: Get all your troops on the stack to crucial locations faster!
    • Enhanced Attack Damage of Cavalry Units: Make your Cavalry even more formidable in battle.
    • Initial Cavalry Units: Starts with 3 cavalry units to bolster your initial setup.

    For this first iteration, 2 copies of General Allenby will be deployed in your country when you join the beta game. This is only for the test, and the starting number will be reduced to 1 for the final release version. You will also not be able to have duplicates of the same General in the same map in the final release, but instead there will be more diversity in the Generals available to use. Be advised that these units cannot be produced and you won’t get more during the test, so use them wisely!

    The buff that Generals give to their army do not stack. So consider spreading your Generals out between armies for maximum effect.

    Note that this version is only available in the test map "General Allenby: Middle East 1914" on beta servers. Only our dedicated Frontline Pioneers can experience this new feature early on.


    Key Notes:

    • Feedback Focus: This version of Generals is the basic groundwork for our overall plan for them. Your feedback could help us shape the future of Generals.
    • Bigger Picture: Our plan is that Generals will eventually have a progression system where your 1-star general can be upgraded to a multiple-star general and unlock new perks and buffs with every stage of progression.
    • Persistent Units: It is our intention that Generals will not be consumable. Once you have them, you can deploy them in different matches. Should they fall in battle, they will be on cooldown but will not be lost forever.

    Where to Test the Generals:

    • If you are one of our Frontline Pioneers, you can find these rounds easily by clicking on “Frontline Pioneers” on the Home Page.
    • Look for the special beta round "General Allenby: Middle East 1914" in the games list, marked with a [BETA] tag.


    Feedback Submission:

    Your feedback is always valuable to us. We'd appreciate any additional comments or suggestions you have regarding the Generals. Please join the discussion in the #generals-on-beta channel in our Official Discord server and share your thoughts, experiences, and any suggestions for improvement.

    We appreciate your dedication and passion for Supremacy 1914. Let’s make history, commanders!