Generals! - Now Available on Beta

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    Frontline Pioneers!

    We are excited to announce that the new feature we previously informed you about is now available to Frontline Pioneers on beta!

    Introducing Generals, special units that are already deployed in the map. These units provide unique buffs and enhance your army's performance. Here's what Generals bring to your strategy:

    • Increased Movement Speed: Rapidly move your troops to key locations and gain the tactical advantage.
    • Enhanced Attack Damage for Cavalry Units: Make your cavalry even more devastating in combat.
    • Initial Cavalry Units: Start with 3 cavalry units to strengthen your initial forces.

    While the Generals are in the test phase, we want to make sure you get to experience their full potential. You will start each beta map with 2 Generals, but note that this is only for the test, and this number will be reduced to 1 for the final release version. Make sure to use them wisely, as once these formidable units fall in combat, you won’t be able to get more in that map. Please also note that Generals cannot be stacked in the same army.

    Maps featuring the new Generals are now available to Frontline Pioneers. Here’s how you can join these maps:

    • Head over to “Frontline Pioneers”, found on the home page.
    • Click on “find FP games” at the bottom of the page.
    • Look for "General Allenby: Middle East 1914" maps with open slots available.
    • Join whatever round you choose and have fun!

    Feedback Submission:
    Your feedback is always valuable to us. We appreciate any additional comments or suggestions you have regarding the Generals. Please join the discussion in the #generals-on-beta channel in our Official Discord server and share your thoughts, experiences, and any suggestions for improvement.