Can't open any match

  • I tried opening some of my existing games and it did nothing. When I join a new game, it gives me the usual "You are about to start a new game" message but does nothing either. Can someone please explain what is going on?

  • Luis

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  • There are more than a few reasons that can happen. The first that comes to mind is rank requirements. Players need higher ranks to play more games and maps at a single time. The next is possible cache clutter (If on PC) and it can drain calculation ability away from non critical tasks. You need to occasionally clear it. If on Mobile, this happens with apps running in the back ground, again, using calculating powers that are needed for no critical things. Lastly is a bad gate way to the server itself, and usually that will come with a notice of such.
    Hope it helps, best wishes.

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  • Hi! Sorry to hear you're having trouble accessing games. I suggest clearing you cache as South Paw suggested, or perhaps even uninstalling and reinstalling the app if you're on mobile (make sure your email is linked to your account before doing this so you can log back in afterwards). If that doesn't work, then please contact support in game with this issue. Support can be found in settings on PC or "more" on mobile