Release Notes - 2024-07-09

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    Attention, General!

    We're happy to present the latest bug fixes and updates to enhance your strategic warfare experience. Your feedback is invaluable, and we've addressed several key issues to ensure smoother gameplay. Read on for the details!

    • Grounded Planes No Longer Flee: We've resolved an issue where grounded planes were making a hasty retreat to the nearest aerodrome when under attack by land units. They will now engage in melee combat as intended. Also if the aerodrome in that province is damaged by the land units, the plane will now turn into a transport truck for the battle.
    • Grain Booster Card Adjusted: We have corrected the large booster card for grain, which now provides the intended amount of 5,000 units instead of a mere 500. Stock up and ensure your troops are well-fed and ready for the battles ahead!
    • Diplomatic Status Change Restriction: To maintain the integrity of wartime negotiations, we have fixed an issue that allowed players to change to another relation from the Diplomacy menu while at war. Going forward, such changes can only be executed through trade offers, ensuring all diplomatic maneuvers are deliberate and strategic.
    • Check out our newly revamped shop: Enjoy a sleek new design and an enhanced shopping experience. Dive in now to see the fresh look!

    And to our Frontline Pioneers who were facing the issue with the white screen when trying to load the General Allenby map on mobile, this issue was fixed last week. It took longer than we anticipated, but we thank you for your patience and hope you’re now all enjoying testing the Generals.

    Stay sharp on the battlefield, and keep sending us your invaluable feedback. These adjustments are designed to ensure a more balanced and enjoyable experience for all. See you on the front lines!

    For a closer look at the changes please check out the detailed list of updates and share you feedback with us here and on our Discord.