500 ranked game

  • Idea is simple and MacDouwe is also thinking about that.

    But before we move more into that project we need to check with our mods.

    Is it possible to start ranked game on 500

    We create couple of teams that starts in different parts of the world.

    Let's say teams 5-10 players and 1-2 teams for every continent,

    Game is on password so no casual players will get hurt in a process.

    Starting position are within pre-marked area, ie. only in africa or only in South America.

    And we observe how they are doing.

    You can call if wolfpack wars on 500ed. As it will be like multiple alliance game on 500 map.

    I am hopping we will go beyond SnS strategy in this one and it will people to uncover new, ground breaking strategies.

    It should also favor players with better organizational and logistic skills.

    Hopefully no GMs. Or guys can set up limit of ie 50 k GM for a war...

    whatever makes them happy as long as both sides agree.

    So how does it look from Mods point of view?