Maps correction

  • Incorrect maps have directly affect to strategy of the game.

    remember that the game is just a game it can not live up to 100% realistic standards. one problem is that units have predetermined pathways and thus limited to map strategy.

    another is to also have to edit the range of each unit from example 50km for artillery would have to be reduced down to about 9kms. All of these would make the game last much longer than what it currently is.

    games can get around realism to fit what is needed. this doesn't affect strategy for the game as you are dealing with the game. the only affect of the "incorrect map" is that it is not realistic.

    It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent. It is the one that is most adaptable to change. -Charles Darwin

  • Of course it is more fun if it is exactly the same as 'real life', but not important enough?

    Do not fix what isn't broken?

    It doesn't changes how players implement strategy, because players build their strategy on the available maps.

    If the maps change, players would still build their strategy on the available maps.

  • maybe fix a bug where you can attack town on island instantly , because a beach is to close to the town.

    I saw couple of my bombers destroyed that unhappy way

    it was some island in Oceania

    plus do fix problem with time-change line that is blocking everyone from moving units within range of this line .... thank you