• Today is 04/02/19 for me, but for many of you it is 02/04/19, at a glance we will see a date in the format we are used to and this can become confusing when a date works either way. When I see 12/20/18 I have to stop and think for a bit to work out what the date is.

    So how about we compromise and make today 2 Feb 2019 now there is no confusion and everyone will know the correct date they are looking at without needing to think about it. It is standard practice for international applications to use the long date format for this very reason and I can't imaging anyone would argue they don't know what date is being referred to when using it.

  • being part of a global company, we fixed this in a very userfriendly manner:

    every single person can adjust this in their own personal settings :p

    because there are more standard formats on this planet.

    For example:

    I select format dd/mm/yyyy => i will see that

    mikemike charlie selects dd/MONTH/yyyy => he will see that

    RoteKatze select mm/dd/yy => he will see that

    And also when we send eachother messages, if it is a system generated date, everyone only sees their personal preferred format

    Same for time: hh/mm/ss <=> hh/mm <=> hours as AM/PM or just 0-24 or ...