Scottish Alliance

  • Why on Earth can I create an Alliance for the Falkland Islands, South Sandwich Islands, British Indian Ocean Territory, but not for Scotland? This is ridiculous. Even American Samoa is an option. Liechtenstein for @#$&'s sake. Liechtenstein!

    Does my bloody head in. I want a Scottish Alliance.

    When the enemy is in range; so are you


  • because Scotland is officially a region of the UK?

    <=> Liechtenstein is an independent nation

    <=> American Samoa is officially consider themselves self-governing = dispute situation

    <=> South Sandwhich Islands: same situation as American Samoa

    <=> Falkland Islands= again, disputed territory

    Scotland is technically not a disputed territory :p despite the elections to be or not to be independant :p

    I would sum it up as: Scotland isn't allowed as an independent nation in the Olympic games either :p


  • Scotland isn't a region of the UK, Scoland is a country. Which is why we play football independently of England. And we identify, regardless of our status within the UK as Scots. I'd like to submit the addition of Scotland as an Alliance.

    Think about British Indian Ocean Territory, inhabited by nothing more than a few seagulls and an American naval base.

    WTF man. BIOT? Ridicuouls

    When the enemy is in range; so are you