Medals from the maps

  • Hi guys

    Question is in a relation to coalition victories.

    If we win in coalition and have respectively 1st ,2nd and 3rd place do we get coalition medal + podium medal?

    I was never fan of statistics but now I would like to collect some pickups and secrets before time runs out

  • Yes you do. The coalition that wins takes home the GM prize for coalition victory. The first three places on the map, regardless if they're a part of that coalition or not, take home the medals.

  • You can also win as a coalition w/o having a player in the top 2 ranking.

    This is the way to get most Goldmark out of a game round ;)

    So the first two will get the prices for the 1st and 2nd place and the coalition players get each the coalition price.

    e.g. 500 player map

    1st place: 250 points = 11,250 GM

    2nd place: 240 points = 5,740 GM

    3rd place: 235 points = 5,000 GM

    4th place: 230 points = 5,000 GM

    5th place: 225 points = 5,000 GM

    6th place: 215 points = 5,000 GM

    7th place: 210 points = 5,000 GM

    8th place: 200 points = 5,000 GM

    9th place: 195 points = 5,000 GM

  • interesting

    just to confirm - anytime I win a game on podium with coalition victory I get two medals: coalition medal victory and podium medal from the map? Is that correct?

    Though this coalition medals are somehow strange as they consist of condition that counts your coalition victories .... should it not be a badge like other counters?

  • Yes,

    any top 3 player will get the map specific medal and if he / she's part of the winning coalition the coalition victory medal.

    This procedure is the same as with the scenario specific medals (e.g. Western Europe, Balkan, Asia, South-America), you will get the respective medal for reaching a top 3 position in these maps and if you win one of these maps it will count for the scenario specific medal counter.