• Hello

    As we saw we have quick maps 2x 4x faster than regular for people who enjoy quick pace and have a lot of time

    but what about people who do not have time. Who prefer to prepare carefully within very limited time, to organize, prepare logistics, mobilization areas and do not really like to spam attack button in S&S mode

    Proposition is simple- create maps 2x slower, maybe even 4x slower. Then there is enough time incoming attack, backstabbing and similar thing than even player who check maps for 1 minute every day will have a time to prepare and retaliate. It will be also more accurate to a real time.

    Imagine itchy trigger finger that has to do S&S every 2 or 4 hours- who would care ...or splitting units to avoid - who cares it attacker has tons of time to react and adjust.

    I ma pointing down that with slower pace game will become more logistical and grand strategy based with more of diplomacy going on as backstabbing will not achieve it goals so easily. I believe slowing down one of server will fix couple of issues that we have now:

    1. S&S less effective

    2. splitting units against planes less effective

    3. backstabbing not worth it.

    4. all exploit based mechanics related to time of 60 minutes for a round should also become less valid.

    not sure about GM spending

    Why not to test it live in one of events

    I would be more than happy to participate.