Working building queues

  • Hello

    I noticed that I have some problems in seeing units in building queue if I have 4 buildings too in the queue. (legacy version)

    I believe it was working better last year as I was able to see everything in queues: there was I guess separation so you could see separately buildings and units queue above buildings/units list

    right now there are some glitches which ie block me from putting higher level of factory in a building queue until I erase all units from a building queue - which is ridiculous. Building queue was supposed to be a solution within HQ package - not a problem maker.

    It would be good if someone from engineers can fix it so it works the best it can as this is a paid feature and should be working without any issues.

    another thing is frozen building queues - if you did not have resources when you booked sth into queue - production will not start blocking whole building chain.

    I hope it was informative for you and I thank you for your attention