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    Hi there,

    is there any reason why the kill counter on units was removed? Or why the newspaper doesnt track buildings build/destroyed or damaged anymore?

    Havent played for a year now but I really dislike both changes as tracking kills helped estimating how many units are left in a fortress and Newspaper entries about buildings was a good feedback to spot whales and to estimate the longterm strength of opponents.


    Hi there,

    its me another time with a strange question/scenario.

    I send a distraction/bait unit into enemy artillery fire and had my own artillery on a 12 minute delay to avoid splash damage.

    My distraction/bait unit died and when my big stack arrived, the enemy artillery shot again... ?

    Can someone enlighten me whats happening here?

    Regarding my screenshot:

    on the left you can see the message I lost unit at 3:20

    at the middle you can see the impact where my unit died found a heroic death (quite far away from my artillery...)

    on the right i tracked the timers, as you can see its 4:09 and my artillery and the enemy artillery still have 20 minutes till the next combat tick which means it will be at 4:29.

    So no clue what happened here ...


    No i specifically mean when a disembarking unit stack (like 3 hours, or 3 combat ticks left) is in combat, shall i:

    - continue to disembark so i only have 3 more "bad" combat ticks


    - give the order to attack the enemy even if that means disembarking will be delayed until another command is given or the enemy stack is dead. Is my unit stack "stronger" this way or is it just a plain mistake with no advantages to do that.

    I posted this because the Ai managed to trade 1 for 1 while disembarking on my shore. Just wanted to make sure if that was bullshit rng or a legit move from the Ai (at least i think it does fight back and stops disembarking).

    Hi there,

    since it occurs to me over and over again i would like to ask what the reasons could be to why some of my units are suddenly in combat?

    I am talking about idling in the middle of nowhere, idling in a town, moving from nowhere to somewhere without an enemy in sight or even have a declared enemy. No artillery to submaries no boats no railguns no airplanes nothing.

    Another situation happened in now finished games:

    Once a stack gets too big im guessing like 100+ units are in combat as well and in addition to that one of those stacks had casualties - i dont know from where or how it was just displayed under the in combat icon - again with no enemy in sight.

    If anybody is still alive here and could give me hint that would be great.



    simple question regarding dis/embark:

    Is there any difference in combat ability or unit strength if I command a unit stack which is currently Dis/embarking to attack an enemy?

    Its kind of a weird Question but if there is no real difference i may have had the worst rng possible i guess.

    Let me elaborate:

    Game 1:

    The Ai is attacking me with 3 infantry with about 60 morale - i defend with 13 infantry and 80+ morale while they are disembarking.

    The result is i lost 3 infantry ...

    This happened again with 2 Infantry vs 10 or 11 (morale being again in my favor) and i still lost 2 troops there.


    I land on enemies coast with a 46 stack of 83 morale - it happened during the night so i didnt catch the exact dmg ticks but from the newspaper i could redo the math to 2 infantry stacks one with 6 and one with 4 melted my stack within 2 combat ticks down to 27 - while in return only losing 3 and 2 units themselves. I know there is a penalty for embarked units and combat efficiancy for larger stacks but then again see example from Game 1. I just want to make some sense of that because the range of possible rng is just meh ...

    Is there any combat difference between attacking them and continue to disembark?

    If i am not mistaken attacking them should delay the disembark action until the enemy stack is dead. Right?

    Thanks for reading