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    I don't entirely understand the reasoning in just removing the features of Unit trading and Resource trading (unless in a coalition) I suppose having it in a ranked match would be acceptable, but there should be a way to dileniate or make those settings yourself when a match is created (as long as it's unranked)

    Since otherwise, it just seems to be an addition to something that isn't broken- it's not as though people with multi-accounts are going to just begin *not* multi-accounting now because they can't trade units/resources anymore. As said earlier, they'll just make a huge coalition full of their other multi-accounts and then all join it and trade internally, swapping from one country to another. The Elite AI isn't such a big deal, but the two removals of trade (or heavy restriction of resource trade) to me is just a terrible decision and one that's going to ruin a lot of the diplomatic choices or pathways one can take in a game of Supremacy.

    So now instead of trading with my neighbors, I'll just yeet them- because that's obviously the right thing to do.