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    Attention, Generals!

    “Flanders Front”, the most revolutionary event in Supremacy 1914, is now available to all players!

    Lead the Entente or the Central Powers to victory! Join a team of 10 players in the Third Battle of Ypres and defeat the enemy. Collaborate closely with the other generals, as you will need your entire team to conquer and hold the provinces with Victory Points against your 10 opponents.

    Event details:

    • 1917: Ypern Map with 20 players
    • 2 fixed teams of 10 players each
    • Each member of the winning team receives 10,000 Goldmark
    • Hold 70% of all Victory Points on the map
    • Random country selection
    • Elite AI (but no Goldmark entry fee)
    • Initial relation towards the other team: war
    • Timeboxed at 21 days

    New event-exclusive features

    “Flanders Front” comes with a great number of event-exclusive features which you will not be able to experience outside this event in Supremacy 1914. Read carefully and be prepared!

    Research: Specialize by researching higher unit and building levels to greatly improve their power and trump your opponents!

    Armor classes: Counter your opponent's strategy by recruiting units that deal high damage against units of a certain armor class!

    Terrain: Read the battlefield and take advantage of it in combat and when moving your troops!

    Economy: Work with what you have, as production and demand of a product cannot be altered by using or producing another resource.

    Morale: The morale of a province has a direct impact on its productivity. Moral penalties are based on number of provinces, not on being at war.

    Special weapons: Take advantage of special weapons and their abilities, like the powerful gas artillery!

    Epic weapons: Make your units even more powerful by unlocking their epicness at the end of the research tree!


    Your feedback is of great importance to us. We opened all possible channels for you to share your thoughts, impressions and feedback. Join us and discuss the new event on the forums. Participate in our survey that will be available throughout the event. And send us your questions for our game designers which they will answer in our AMA (Ask me anything) on June 25th in the forums.

    We hope you enjoy this phenomenal new event and wish you best of luck on the battlefield!

    Your Bytro Team


    Attention Generals!

    We are proud to announce that on Tuesday, June 18th 2019 the brand-new event “Flanders Front” will launch in Supremacy 1914! “Flanders Front” is an event we have been working on for quite a while.

    “Flanders Front” is based on the Third Battle of Ypres, one of the bloodiest battles fought on the Western Front during World War I. In this scenario you will follow the footsteps of a general of the Entente or the Central Powers with the goal to end the impasse at the Western Front and take the high ground. Collaboration among your fellow generals will be key to be victorious in “Flanders Front”.

    “Flanders Front” comes with several brand new and event-exclusive features which will only be available in this particular event! These features touch almost all aspects of the game! Be prepared to see different units, terrain, resources or special weapons. Even combat will be different from what you’re used to in Supremacy 1914. Again, all these changes apply to this event only and will not be available on regular maps and games.

    We will share more details shortly before the event. Keep an eye on our Facebook and Twitter channels, as we will share exclusive snippets of the event there. We hope you are as excited as we are for the upcoming “Flanders Front” event!

    Your Bytro Team


    Attention generals!

    Today’s release includes a number of small bug fixes for mobile. We are fixing some images and bring the display of arrival time back to mobile.

    For details see the complete list of changes below:

    Bug fixes:

    • Workshop and Factories now have the correct images in the mobile app
    • Army bars display the arrival time of units on mobile again.

    We hope you like the changes and wish you good luck on the battlefield!

    Your Bytro Team

    Hello Golden Frieeza,
    I am glad to see that you are eager to learn what was wrong in order to avoid such things to happen in the future.
    In general, we do not discus actions taken against a player publicly. However, from what I can see the support specifically quoted the rule of our terms of service that was violated.

    If you feel that the decision was incorrect and you would like it to be reviewed, you can always contact the next higher ranked member of the support team and ask for a review of the decission. I advice to include the ticket number to speed things up.

    I will close this thread now.


    Attention generals!

    Today’s release includes a number of small game improvements and bug fixes. This includes a reduction of memory usage in the WebGL version and setting the relation view mode as standard view mode.

    For details see the complete list of changes below:


    • Set relation view mode as standard view mode in the WebGL version

    Mobile Improvements:

    • Improved army bar and province bar on S1914 mobile, making relevant information better readable
    • Added infantry auto-recruitment timer to province radial menu

    Bug fixes:

    • Reduced memory usage of WebGL version
    • Reduced occurrence of units turning invisible significantly for the WebGL version
    • Province garrisons concealed by fog of war can no longer be identified via the cursor icon.
    • Display no longer turns partially white on iPhone 6 and iPhone X after sending messages after a trade offer

    We hope you like the changes and wish you good luck on the battlefield!

    Your Bytro Team


    Dear Generals,

    with today's update we are happy to bring some major improvements to the new map look of Supremacy 1914. This includes an improved army and province bar, a more prominent visualization of infantry auto-recruitment, as well as a completely reworked army label.

    At close zoom levels, the new army label displays the full army composition with individual unit counts. This has been a highly requested feature since the release of the new map look and we are happy to bring it back to you! When zooming out, a different set of information might be more valuable for you to read the battlefield and command your troops: Therefore, at mid zoom levels the new army label provides a more compact display of the army composition, grouping units into different armor types (e.g., unarmored, armored or naval). At far zoom levels the new label completely replaces the unit image with an icon representing the strongest unit in the stack. To give you information on how powerful each army is, the label size will scale with the accumulated army strength to allow you to quickly identify the most dangerous battalions.

    Finally, pixel-perfect selection will allow you to manage your armies with greater precision than before. The new army label will replace the 'tactical armies' view and the 'pin mode' view in the new map look.

    Complete list of changes:

    • We added a new army stack label that provides information about army composition and changes dynamically on different zoom levels.
    • We improved the look of the army and province bar on desktop in order to make crucial information (e.g. the armor class) more easily visible.
    • We added UI elements to visualize infantry auto-recruitment in the province bar, the production panel and the province list on desktop.
    • Unit selection is now pixel-perfectly aligned to the unit image instead of being an invisible box.
    • We adjusted the display sizes of units on the map in to provide a clearer view on the map.
    • We reintroduced the short unit animation shown after issuing movement and attack commands in the new map view.
    • We fixed an issue that led to players achieving a solo map win despite being members of a coalition or team. Coalition or team victory conditions now have priority over the solo victory condition.
    • We fixed a bug that led to attack vectors being displayed on certain maps after the game had ended.

    We hope you like the changes and wish you good luck on the battlefield!

    Your Bytro Team

    Dear Generals,

    my name is Malte aka 'Arcorian' and I would like to introduce myself as a new Community Manager here at Bytro Labs in Hamburg. I am super excited to work together with the Supremacy 1914 community. I am sure we will have a great time and that the team and myself can learn a lot from your expertise and feedback.

    Please feel free to reach out to me anytime. I will do my very best to connect you and the devs and make Supremacy 1914 a great experience for all of us.
    If you have any questions feel free to ask!

    See you on the battlefield!

    Malte 'Arcorian'
    Community Manager

    Bytro Labs