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    Yes, PLEASE! Countries in alphebetical order. Provinces of said countries in alphebetical order. On 500p maps it takes way to much time to see what your spies did, as you constantly have to scan for that 1/100 province that is randomly listed.

    Not sure if I am remembering right or making it up, but I also seem to remember forts having scaling hp per level, lv 1 has 1 hp, lv 2 gets 3hp resulting at lv 5 with 15 hp instead of the 2hp per level we have today. Can't remember if damage absorption was changed then.

    To my knowledge, deleting messages and using coalition messages does NOT prevent spy interception.

    What that guy said, but how about discontinuing support for legacy mode when the new mode can actually be considered an upgrade.

    The correct answer is already posted, if you dispute that, why not post something that shows how you see it different? Stop playing games where you pretend/think you have the answer but in a few days you'll either be wrong, change the question or post that the correct answer was already stated. You've already edited the original post 3 times (including changing the timeline which is annoying) how about you explain the point you're trying to make since virtually everyone who has bothered to read this has already pointed to the same simple math. If we're not understanding what you're asking please add to the conversation not just bump the thread with inane nonsense and edit the original post to move back the day where you "shine down your radiant intelligence and enlighten the little people".

    Do you want to stop embarrassing yourself? No one's even taking you on :D