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    [RPU] Kaiserreich: Legacy of The Weltkrieg Roleplay

    Some of our lore

    Note: Certain Aspects of Kaiserreich Canon are changed for balancing purposes.

    On the 7th of May 1915, a German Submarine sinks the RMS Lusitania. In our timeline the Germans then begin a campaign of Unrestricted Submarine warfare, in the Kaiserriech timeline, they do not. The war continues on much the same as it did in our timeline until around 1918. The absence of unrestricted Submarine warfare means that the Americans do not enter the war in Europe.

    The Final German offensive of World War I succeeds and Paris falls to the Germans. The United Kingdom evacuates their troops before the French surrender and continue a war at sea for a few years, but they eventually sign the "Peace with Honor" effectively ending WWI or as it is known in Kaiserriech, Der Weltkrieg.

    Following the War, The German Empire decides to intervene in the Russian Civil War on the side of the Whites, winning and establishing a fragile Russian Republic. Unfortunately, this action destabilizes the Russian Empire, allowing the Central Asian states of Alash Orda, and The Khanate of Turkestan to declare their independence, along with the newly independent Cossack State of The Don-Kuban Union. However the separatist ideologies are not down for the count entirely, and a Communist Resurgence leads to the Second Russian Civil War.

    The threat of Communism therefore averted in Russia temporarily, but a new movement known as Syndicalism rises in France and Britain. Syndicalist revolutions In France and Britain succeed, forcing the British royal family to flee to Canada, while the French Government and most officers to the French colonial empire in Africa. The Union of Britain and The Commune Of France are born!

    In North America, A Severe Economic downturn caused by the Stock Market Collapse of 1929 and the subsequent Assassination of President Herbert Hoover creates significant destabilization, along with the increasing polarization of the Ideologies of the people living in the North, South, East and West of the United States of America.

    Jack Reed, Uniting various shades of socialist, syndicalist and communist opinion, the Combined Syndicates of America have mobilized the surging throngs of workers in America's heartlands in order to "Break the Chains" of Oppression and Overthrow the Government. Opposing This move, Senator Huey Long of Louisiana, moved to support his growing "Share Our Wealth" program. The Resulting American Union State calls for redistribution of wealth and social welfare, but within a strong centralized corporatist economic structure, controlled by a paternalistic economic and political elite.

    In order to defeat these destructive elements, The United States of America's Government called upon the strongman General Douglas MacArthur, but have now formed a cult of personality around this leader now Dictator. In Response to this action, The Pacific States of America moved to secede from what it saw as a ruined Union, while the Alaskan Territory was now effectively independent. The Second American Civil War has Begun.

    Game Map:



    Game Base Rules

    • No Gold Usage. Usage automatically removes you from the round.
    • 1 Day In Game = 3 Months in RP. This means 4 days = 1 Year. The Game days will be divided into seasons, Starting Winter, 1930.
      Winter(December, January, February)
      Spring (March, April, May)
      Summer (June, July, August)
      Fall (September, October, November)
    • I reserve the right to use Gold to eradicate those who violate the rules, or to penalize players for rulebreaks. Mind you, I have the capacity for lots of Goldmark.
    • We will heavily Focus On Finishing Landswap First, meaning no official in character RP before we finish landswapping unless informed otherwise.
    • Coalitions are to be “Empire Based” only unless specified otherwise, meaning, my coalition should be named the official name of my nation, have the official flag of my nation, and consist of me as well as my vassals, colonies, dominions and/or tributary states. I reserve the right to disband any coalitions not following the rules stated above. You may create multiple coalitions if slots are filled for one, just keep the flag and info same for all of them.
    • NO Stack-splitting or shoot-n-scoot under any circumstances.
    • Meatshielding is permitted with a cap of 20 infantry per battleship and 10 infantry per Cruiser.
    • All alliances are to be made public. Military Alliances which are not made public will not be considered valid for calling in allies to war. To limit/stop the formation of super military alliances, I would like to ask you all to not form excessive alliances with those around you.
    • Military Alliances must have an agreed upon end date announced, and can only last for up to 10 years.


    War Rules

    • All Wars [Excluding Civil Wars] are to be declared at least 6 hours prior to any military contact. If this rule is broken, no allies are permitted to aid the attacker, thereby inhibiting his/her ability to wage said war.
    • All Conflicts are to be made public and declared through the Newspaper Before the 6 hour period can start. This can be made in the form of an ultimatum, or through a direct declaration.
    • The title of the article on the newspaper must include X declares war on Y or some similar format. The War Goal must also be included in the article declaring war. If this is not done, I reserve the right to void your war, or inhibit allies from aiding the attacker.
    • A War Declaration must be at least 300 words. Declarations of war are significant events throughout the course of the round. While war is not forbidden, it has the potential to drastically alter the game and limit a players current ability to roleplay.
      Example title: “The Ottoman Empire Declares War on Venice!”
      Example body: “Ottoman Imperial Forces move forth to secure the island of Crete for the glory of the Sublime Porte!...
    • In all wars, there are two war leaders: one aggressor and one defender. If either leader loses its capital, that war is an automatic victory for the opposing side, and all nations are forced to come to diplomatic negotiation. Those who continue conflict will be penalized or removed from the round entirely.
    • At any time, any non-vassal non-colonial nation can sue for peace. In which case, both sides will come to diplomatic talks. Keep in mind suing for peace will automatically break the alliance with the war leader it supports in that war, and all diplomatic talks must lead to peace.
    • If you are supporting your ally, and you sue for peace with the enemy, you cannot return to that war as you will forcibly have a separate peace agreement.
    • Pirating, Coastal Raiding of nations vessels and troops, and spy bombardment is allowed, however, know that it will be legitimate justification for full scale war. Pirating that turns into a province capture will count as a full war and the war article must be posted beforehand. If this leads to full war, the normal war rules will take place.

    Types of Wars that can be declared:

    Acquire Territory : This is the default war goal for all non-civil war nations at war.

    You may capture one of the following with this Wargoal:

    1 Province in Europe
    2 Provinces in North America
    3 Provinces in South America
    3 Provinces in Africa
    3 Provinces in Asia

    Annexation : After a nation surrenders, this will occur if the surrendering nation is 2 Provinces or Less.

    Civil War : Exclusive to all civil war factions, when fighting each other. Those using this war goal will receive the full territory.

    Acquire Satellite State : Vassalizes the target nation. No provinces can be captured with this wargoal. Vassals cannot declare independence.

    Install Ideology : Converts target country into a Puppet country forcibly allied to the winner of the conflict. No provinces can be captured with this wargoal.


    Civil War Rules

    - All Civil Wars begin when announced on the Newspaper. Players are permitted to post articles and RP the civil war from that point onward.

    - All Civil wars will officially go on until January 1938, and All factions are untouchable by outside powers until that date. After that moment they are subject to regular rules and regulations, considered officially independent.

    -Civil war factions are still limited to rp tech restrictions and can upgrade their technology in the same manner as all other nations.

    -Civil War Nations are at constant war with each other upon game start. This does not necessarily mandate changing your diplomatic status to war as it would ruin your morale.

    -Nations are to provide constant Share Map with LightningTurk (Japan) for confirmation that gold is not being used. This will go on for the duration of all civil wars.

    -Factions cannot be attacked by any nation and/or groups outside of their respective civil war (EX: Chinese factions cant take Russian land).

    -Factions within the civil wars are not permitted to attack any nation outside of their civil conflict borders.

    -Outside nations are permitted to sell arms and resources, but these must have the following prerequisites:

    1. The Faction Purchasing the unit must have Versatility tech unlocked.
    2. The weapon/resource amounts must be posted on the Newspaper officially prior to the sale.

    3. The weapon/resources cannot be “Loaned” to factions to be returned. All sales are final.

    -All alliances between factions are considered unofficial. Backstabbing is to be expected and welcomed.

    -Factions may surrender at any time, and choose one of the designated minor nations to become. When this is announced, this nation is no longer considered a belligerent in its respective civil war and will do a secondary landswap in order to take that minor state.


    Landswapping Maps for Roleplaying Rounds

    I have taken the liberty of once more compiling all maps for landswap and for the rounds on Supremacy 1914.

    I ask for one thing in return if using these. In no way are any of these mine, however out of respect for those who have made the base maps, I ask that you at least credit the proper individuals for their contribution to the community.

    "Unfortunately I am unable to present each map within an image on this thread due to size restrictions. To download these landshuffle maps, you follow the link to the map you wish to download and then click 'Save Image As..' It is pretty self explanatory from there. You can use paint or any other image editing service such as photoshop to change the colour of each province."


    Credit to November Terra for providing the 100 player blank map to work on.

    85 Player Map [Coloured]- By XxEllxX

    85 Player Map [Blank]- By XxEllxX

    100 Player Map [Colored]- By XxEllxX

    100 Player Map [Blank]- By XxEllxX

    31 Player Europe Map [Colored]- By Ciscodeaux

    31 Player Europe Map [Blank]- By Ciscodeaux

    31 Player Europe Map [Old Vers.]- By DRG and Hampy

    15 Player Asia Map [Colored]- By DRG and Hampy

    10 Player Europe Map [Colored]- By Oxalaia

    10 Player Europe Map [Blank]- By Oxalaia

    5 Player Balkans Map [Colored]- By Oxalaia

    5 Player Balkans Map [Blank]- By Oxalaia

    100 Player Colored Updated Map- By XxEllxX

    The Role Playing Code of Honor : Codex Immortalis

    This is the commonly accepted standards of behavior that are expected of you when you become a part of the community. Every respectable, responsible member of the roleplaying community is expected to stay true to this Code.

    1. No Goldmark usage.

    2. Respectful behavior, on the forum, on the community site, and in any discussions pertaining to the community

    3. Proper usage of role-playing techniques in games. Avoid land grabbing, and understand and respect the fact that we are playing more for enjoyment than victory

    4. Use discretion in joining games; play to your strengths, as the enjoyment of others is also in your hands. Join only games that you will be able to play well in, and not all the games you would like to. Develop your knowledge and style before engaging in wider varieties, to make the gaming experience much richer for everyone

    5. Launch games judiciously. This is the basis of the limiting system and will be explained in detail later.

    6. Devote appropriate time to each game. Use all available resources to make your character and plot as realistic as possible. Make the historic founding as reliable as possible. Respect the commitment of others to the game by showing your commitment to be equal to theirs

    7. Cooperate with your fellow role players, and the EN Forum Staff. The growth of the community requires that we put aside differences and work to overcome prejudices.

    The Code is a general guideline for behavior in the community, and cannot be, and will not be, enforced. However, those who do not abide by this code, as and when reasonably possible, will not be considered as part of this community, and specifically, this faction of more stringent, formal and 'old school' gamers.

    It is our belief that this code will only do good for the whole community, and it is with the greatest of regret that we are outlining this code of honor for the entire community as a protocol of operation for a 'faction'. However, in the hope that it will be accepted by practice, we are moving ahead to enforce these protocols amongst those who will accept and abide by these very general of guidelines, that will be most leniently enforced.

    What is the promotion and extension of one’s game?

    The aim of this game is to make the nation you control the most dominant on the map. Playing an RP game on this site, with the current game mechanics, we must respect this object of the game, and play accordingly. Every action you take in the game must be for your cause, towards advancing your position, and achieving your goals, both long term and short term. Playing in keeping with the realism of this game is of utmost importance.

    However, it is also paramount that you RP every action of take in control of a nation, and in keeping with real world realism. Every action must be re-enacted and communicated as it would be as a matter of operation of an actual state.

    Example: On the brink of disaster, it may be correct, RP wise, for Germany to not surrender and continue fighting. But this is not realistic, or in line with the game mechanics, as fighting no longer serves your purpose of advancing your position. However, it is also not right for you to abandon all RP attempts and randomly attack another nation without a justifiable casus belli or proper reason for war, just because it is strategically viable to do so as per the game mechanics.

    Attacking a nation just because you can is not unrealistic. However, attacking without providing proper cause is. So, even as we seek to advance our position, and take advantage of a weaker state, we must take the time to find a casus belli and RP the events properly to lead to war.

    The complicated balance between the above-mentioned element and the casting of various events and scenarios is what makes role playing a fine art.

    What is the natural course of a game?

    The natural course of the game assumes that you will act as a rational player and play to advance your own position, or at least maintain the balance of power, so that no player gains too much power and becomes dominant. In this condition, the actions of the players, as they wrestle for control, for the most case using diplomatic and economic means, the occasional subterfuge and the rare war, which are all means and extensions of state policy (i.e., state functions) , will create tensions and continue to fuel the RP, by providing events and scenarios which will lead to more events, in a self-sustaining manner, until such day when the number of players in the game gets reduced to the extent that there are only a few and more or less equal superpowers remaining, who are in a state of stalemate, and cannot continue the game further without RP, or such a state where the game finishes by one player reaching the victory condition.

    How to represent adequately and with reasonable limits of realism?

    Adequate realism, conforming to both the games requirements and the standards of the role-playing community is something of a balancing act. It requires practice, and patience. The first and most important thing is to understand that things can go wrong and be ready to make changes to meet the demands of others. At the same time, don't let others change your intrinsic style. Your choices should be your own.

    Reasonable levels of realism mean that you should RP any event you may create, or influence, or otherwise interact with, and any communication you may engage in, with a likeness to the real-world interactions between nations. However, you need not go to great troubles to make it in depth.

    Example: While in real life, there may be many bureaucratic works intervening between two heads of state as they establish contact, you may play it as two characters establishing direct contact. However, realistic titles and signatures to the correspondence would be appreciated.

    Example: Most games use a time scale, like 1 game day being 1 month. In such games, if you are to date your articles, or your events (ex: declaring a time bound ultimatum) then you would have to keep note of the time scale used.

    What is the balance of power?

    In this game, strategically, every nation stands an equal chance to win. The resource distributions and locations might be different, but every nation can win according to the circumstances of the game.

    In this game, whether you are playing an alliance game, individual game, role playing game, or any other version of it, your first intent should be in keeping the balance of power as it is, i.e., making sure that the balance of power does not shift in favor of any one or more players. If all it does, it should shift in your favor, not that of anyone else.

    The basic idea of making yourself more powerful is in securing enough of all resources to make sure you can build up and progress. This must be so even more in an RP, where you are not allowed to wage endless wars and attack without proper reason, as it will destroy popular opinion and support for you and will make more players opposed to you, as your aggressive attempts to shift the balance of power in your favor may be seen as dangerous to others.

    Similarly, when another player makes a gain, territorial, economic, political or diplomatic, you should work to neutralize this gain. If a nation has won over another in a war, allowing them to take over the whole of the conquered territory will not benefit you. You must attempt to minimize his gains as much as possible, by supporting a peaceful and equal solution, that would involve only a bare minimum of gains to the winner, and a bare minimum of losses to the vanquished. And an alliance should be countered by forming one of your own or making favorable acquaintance with the allies.

    You must also avoid long wars and must try to make others stop prolonged conflict by using your diplomacy or ultimately, your own military intervention. This is because a war will eliminate one of more military powers, players on the geo-political playing field, which will tend to cast another power as dominant.

    Playing with the balance of power in mind is important as, combined with good RPing, this will make for a game which lasts as players introduce checks and balances to neutralize each other, as well as providing enough tension and RP material, fueling events and scenarios to keep the game interesting. Remember, the real balance of power is not indicated by the DE points.

    This, so far, describes the game as understood by the Old Guard and Leadership of The Roleplayers Union as well as any experienced players of the Supremacy 1914 Role Playing Community. It is also the style that has generated games with the most interest and longest life.

    But there are other things that set this community apart from the more informal players. Prominent among these other features are a "Code of Honor" and a "Game Limiting/Scheduling System", as well as an equal acceptance of classical, non-scenario-based games and other, more fashioned, scenario based games.

    This was authored originally by Viswanath.

    It was first retrieved by Edgeman.

    It is now brought here by LightningTurk.

    What is Roleplaying?

    This is by itself a very difficult question, and the answer is subject to much debate. However, from prolonged discussion and by incorporating various opinions, we can define role playing as "the fine art involving the use of a character, real or fictional, along with other functions of state, and a combination of real, historic and fictional events and scenarios for the promotion and extension of one's game such that all events that take place in the natural course of a normal game are represented adequately and with reasonable limits of realism via the in game communication features such as letters, pacts, treaties and articles."

    What is a character?

    The character can be a head of state, minister, general or any other persona you use to represent your state in the international forum within a game. There can be one or more characters, used in combination or individually, and with varying story lines and background stories which may or may not be adopted. Your character will represent you in all state affairs, whether it be the sending of diplomatic messages or posting of articles, or negotiation of treaties and pacts. Your character will also be subject to any events that take place during the game and will have to be played within reasonable limits of realism.

    Example: Tsar of Russia Aleksey Mikhailovich I (head of state), General Alex Summers (chief of armed forces)

    What are functions of a state?

    This list can be neither complete nor exhaustive. It includes any and all functions of a nation, like declaring war, peace, trade pacts, military alliances, Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), holding military exercises, diplomatic communications, official press releases, declaring ultimatum, state of emergency etc. These events must be used realistically, such as they would in real life, and in conformity with the game rules, as playing realistically without regard for the constraints of the game is not viable.

    Example: India and Russia holding a joint military exercise. To be realistic, both nations release units to the said territory to hold the exercise. However, since this will involve a morale drop, it will be concluded quickly, in keeping with the constraints involved in the game mechanics. The conclusion is not because of a rule of thumb, but because not pulling your troops back will cause them to lose morale and become ineffective in combat, which is a situation you must avoid. If it means nothing to you, you may leave your troops in neutral territory.

    What are events and scenarios?

    Events are the occurrences that are controlled by a single nation. The appointment of a new Air Chief Marshal of Italy is an event, that is cast by the player controlling Italy, using his various state functions and his character. It cannot be influenced from outside directly, though diplomatic pressure may be put off the player to cast events favorably to other parties.

    Events can, however, influence other players actions, by working to change the balance of power.

    Example: Italy declaring the dissolution of parliament is a event. It may be forced by another country, remaining anonymous, by way of diplomatic pressure, and to avoid further damages, which will relegate Italy to a weaker position according to the game mechanics, Italy may conform. The importance here is that the event is the en-action of the action Italy would take to avoid incurring damages that would otherwise happen, and the original action being something that would take place in the normal course of a game, RP or otherwise.

    Scenarios are group events, which influence and are influenced by more than one nation/player. Such events hold much greater influence on other players than a normal event, as they serve to change much of the prevalent Geo-political scenario on the map and shift the balance of power considerably. Hence, they are herewith termed 'Scenarios'.

    Example: Forming an alliance between two nations. Such an action would have a widespread impact, as players seek to either form rival alliances to counter them or seek to gain the favor of the nation’s currently allied to each other. It will serve to create much tension and fuel further events and scenarios. Such actions will be taken in response to these scenarios because of each player wish to either maintain the balance of power or shift it in their favor.

    Events and scenarios combine to form the basis of the game, and create tensions and fuel further events and scenarios, which will provide the material for further RPing the game. They must be used with care and realism, and at the same time in a manner that will not be self-defeating or serving to subside the predominance of the game mechanics.

    Example: Making an event whereby a player gives all his resources to another is possible, however, such an event is not realistic, and will stand harsh penalty from the game mechanics. On the other hand, giving resources to appease a player and gain peace is both realistic and true to the game mechanics, as avoiding war might be favorable in future consideration.

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