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    Something like this. Borders around flag icon, avatars icon that you can got only in certain season or event.
    Background your line in country list

    It is really not important, but as i said, battle pass with skins and stuff like this can give devs more money. I'll pay for it. At this moment i don't see point to buy coins and i'm pretty sure that ads revenue are ok, but not huge

    I sense that some users don't respond to messages or reply with one-word answers due to insufficient language knowledge. I've seen some mobile strategies integrate Google Translate, allowing users to write messages in their language, and others can click a button to get a translation. Moreover, I've personally integrated this feature into a game with 30k online players. It significantly increases engagement in communication (which is crucial in 1914, as diplomacy enhances the experience) and improves retention due to this increased involvement.

    Google Translate are not expensive
    But also there is other api providers on the market


    I know it's not a crucial thing, but still, I suggest creating more unique visual decorations and modifying the profile UI to showcase them. Offer vehicle skins that can be purchased or earned by participating in battle pass events. Include avatar frames, rewards, and achievements on the main profile page. Perhaps allow players to change flags (from a unique list that can be expanded through in-game progress and battle passes). Take a look at Wild Rift and other skill-based games that use visual decorations for monetization without affecting gameplay.

    Yes, this would mean additional work for the design team and some deviation from historical realism. However, it would also provide an extra source of revenue and, importantly, increase player retention.