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    I can understand what you mean. Also mabye we can make 1v 1 no gm no nothing since it be interesting. Also our end on day 4 today they surrender:) after I made 26m kills lose 9m:D . Let me know if are interested in a 1vs 1 Golden Frieeza .

    I made durring this time from 77k Points in 3 day:) and in no time that I asked from allys ressures I have them away indeed but never need from them. On our YouTube channel are videos about that map.

    I no problem if attack 1vs 6 or even 1vs 10:) so see no problem have a lot friend in a map. S

    Same goes for gm that need gm I can counter them what my gm and they still will lose.

    So I think there no limit many to join. It all about skills in the game. Ofcourse if are solo player you have it hard I same problem I was solo before I joined my Alliance and call the best in supremacy! The first ppl do if see I get attack by 3 is give up,but some times you win against this 3 and explain how I lost 3vs 1 by taken my city's but had 3x or 5x there combi KDA for me thats a win.

    It does. He start Arty are so epic you can kill all. Alright if so strong tell his mister you game better: Macdouwe how many arty you need have a change kill a stack 250 Heavy tanks? hm know let's see if can answer. Since are back saw Heavy Tank doesn't a addition Blue Prints or did you not? so only need ress . But in this topic ofcourse arty are Heaven why because of SnS? you can counter that. Ever army can be counter by other army you need know use it. Make a statment Arty overpower will make happy. Also in other games since play Strategy game since I was 12 and 18 years a go a Moderator need know a lot in game,here doesn't seem this way but ok I will stop at make post so you will be happy.

    P.S. I still want a answer from mister pro Macdouwe  

    Any standard game that is entered by a premade alliance, even it is only 2 persons out of 500 is unfair.

    It gives you an advantage that is not available to the other players who do not have such an advantage.

    That not true, a lot ppl play what friends maps you call that also unfair? Is you decision if go solo in a map or what friends.

    I'm starting to understand why almost nobody use this forum...

    and here example why I told can win easy against arty if more then if have they right I killed 1 day only in 500 map over 1,4k arty of the enemy what my airforce he had 0 airforce so easy win. After 1 day he arhived that map leaving 400 city to take. Is not about army you,is how you use that army and how mixt it.

    Ethics? Fair play?

    explain how is not fair play in a 500 map if join 2 coalition to make end war is 14 out 500 means you have 486 againt you. A Alliance can max 40 ppl in it so not even 50% are in the map. The most war against active players in a 500 map that I had was against 29 active player fight what my coalition of 7 I start call unfair why? no is fair is strategic game if want some you playing wrong game. This not same city were build up this strategie/fight and take lands and use army to do that. If build only arty don't cry if have 0 in end of they day and call unfair unfair just because you don't know mixt your units.

    why not? that mainly Alliances to are for play together maps, most hard chalange is make a 500 map were have a end war us 2 coalition fighting each other.

    Still, you can destroy all those units with only arties. No infantry/cavalry/AC/tanks needed whatsoever unless for the sake to protect your own arties.

    Artillery was always important in a war, but in this point it's the only thing you need to conquer provinces, completely far from the practice of combine artillery with infantry attacks, as that was made in WWI.

    As it's today, short ranged units are in the match solely to enter in the city as a military parade, with musical band and whatelse.

    Hello to paragraph user:) 50 Heavy Tanks vs 50 arty and inf to shield winner is? the 50 Heavy Tanks ups. Arty solo now day since 3 Mounts are useless then it was before 2 points to that .

    1 we have perfect here explained:

    Mechs are already underpowered. In former times you could kill 50 infantry units with 50 artilleries, now you fire and at least 9 of 15 units survive the first shot. I think the long range units need more power instead of less power!

    Second the used of Heavy tanks what in past were limited is free,how was limited were simple before 3 Mounts you had the same resurses cost like today and you had to use for every 1 Heavy Tank adisionary prints in number of 20 what removed at same time the whell was removed make the Heavy Tank best and strongest army. 50 Heavy Tanks my paragraph friend around 500 arty even kill them o.o and make arty solo in your post win?:)))))

    Dude like told 2 more post you want to forbit alright tell how you forbit me from make a external chat?:) you make a opinion you make jokes that all. If show will forbit make a Facebook chat . Not a paragh in can read for myself if I want. Since this one Finally, the info spy have that "message cracking" feature read myself if intereted about spy. Read or put like copy past won't nothing great. I ask a question that not replay or mabye no paragraph to do?

    Also input more capital farming or wolfpacking or multi-account I know 3 time can put paragraph here to since are missing , all 3 we're old forum and if were interest you have read rules. Know we're in the rules is forbitten external chat? you have nowhere it is. So no paragraph to copy and past it feels bad.

    P.S. waste time replay if not answer my question.


    It's an unfair advantage because there is a espionage feature created to extract info from enemies with cost either in money or goldmarks, but those enemies just circumvent and disable that feature by communicate between themselves in means other than the diplomatic section of the match. In my totally subjective opinion, that's cheating. And if the other team does the same thing to be in an equal ground, then information warfare in the game is no more and that'll denatures match experience. (After all, I don't think somebody being so fanatic to "hack" some external chat to extract info from a game)

    That's also why I'm saying that, however, if it's more convenient to remove that feature from those intelligence spies, then so be it, being replaced with another thing, though. But, while I get that many people uses external chats for the matches, if that's true just because they don't want to have their info extracted by blue spies, then that practice should be forbidden.

    Finally, you give false information when you know there isn't possible to shield the channel. If that channel is crack-proof, there is no need to give such false info (enemy isn't gonna believe it, anyway)

    Your message is a joke nothing more:) and can take it personal or what you want. How can forbiddet some that no access your post make 0 sense. Here a simple explantion why you post is none sense. Let's were old divice for comunication mirc. You make a chanel there call the coalition empire all member of it from map let's call it 1944038939 how can forbit to do that? you can't! wft I can speak your post are like something from paper that need read if customer tell this you read paragraph 101 and speak hole paragraph. You can't forbit some like that is inlog what speak. Every game has there backdoor and if find can use it. Make forbitten ok forbit my fb account or discord you can't no right to do that. Stop post like that. Here suggestion how post need sound: if for fairness of all player that you use the diplomacy and sent message ingame, not a other external surce if posible. But not yours then practice should be forbidden how??? are going close my fb account or what every external I use? we're getting right to do that? wft think before posting something! You dissapoint me I expected more come a Moderator.

    It's just my personal opinion, but such discussion outside the diplomatic section should be forbidden, not encouraged. The use of chats or other means outside the S1914's match is, IMO, an unfair advantage against other players who precisely uses resources (and even GM) to try and grab such information. Of course, I'm aware the opponents can do the same thing, but, again, breaking codes and extracting information with espionage was a asset in WWI and things like discuss in Discord disables that asset and denatures the match.

    On the other hand, I'm not against the idea of an eventual decision to disable that blue spy info crack feature if that solution is thought to be better but, in that case, some creative alternative should be done.

    How a unfair avantage??? there are a lot can use not relative a game. Skype, Teamspeaker were most game use in the past. Know gamers use Discord.Is there on chose how that be unfair? If chose a red car and there blue and yellow is still my decision and not yours same goes for this. Big Alliance in general have in every Strategy game a extern chat be a forum, Skype,Teamspeak, facebook or so on because they know game and give false information to enemy that spy them what blue spy and make your point was that also what they did ww1 and ww2? . Biggest miss information was D Day in ww2!.

    Well then that is a bug as we were told that was the plan. But you might be mistaking the 2 symbols right now all mechanical units are combined in a tank like symbol however the main symbol (the 3D one) should show arty from the moment arty is included. And yes we have already suggested putting all mechanical units under a tank symbol isn't the way to go. But that's why we and also you should give feedback so stuff change.

    I test it today It show Arty what 100 arty and 1 Heavy tank and yes I know all symbols were like a tank. Before I put my comment I test it put a solo Heavy tank and then add 100 arty to army and still had same symbol like what only 1 Heavy tank. Know that I try it today it show arty first!