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    Since I served on 2 destroyers while in the US Navy and maintained and operated the ASROC antisubmarine weapon system I am quite aware that destroyers can sink submarines...but the game DOESN'T HAVE DESTROYERS. Does anyone have a useful answer? Is the only way to sink them to stack up several cruisers...and risk losing one or two?

    OK, I'm confused. I just attacked 2 cruisers with 3 subs. They were within range of shore guns. I understand that while attacking submarines are visible and open to attack (why they are to shore guns I don't know, but any way) and I lost one while sinking 1 cruiser. Then while the attack continued my subs stayed under attack by the shore guns. I came back later and the last cruiser was gone and my 2 subs were still under assault. So I moved them ...but they stayed under assault and I lost one more. My question do submarines under water get destroyed by surface artillery? When I used a spy to find the sub and fire on it there was no said I was firing at water. I don't get it.