my computer sucks as well.

    I play on this comp:

    Nation States

    Cyber Nation

    Politics and War

    Games I have but cant play at the moment:

    TW Rome with Alexander

    TW Medieval 2 with Kingdoms (Best TW)

    TW Empire

    TW Attila

    Elder Scrolls Morrowind

    Elder Scrolls Oblivion

    Elder Scrolls Skyrim


    All Sim Cities


    Any Tekken

    Red Dead

    Any Sports game (football, hockey, golf are top choices)


    And a bunch of others.

    Board Games:

    Axis & Allies





    I'll basicly play/try any game

    I want:

    Ultimate General


    All TW games

    probably he has a lot of troops there

    It has fog on it so not exactly sure how many but con not be a whole lot. I have troops moving into positions to see.

    Or those are "inland" provinces without direct contact to other nations.

    Those provinces don´t rebel so often even with 0 troops inside them.

    6 are coastal touching his coalition member, one is not touching any thing but himself and sea (which is the one he had to recapture). The other 4 are not coastal but 3 are touching his coalition member and himself and 1 is touching coalition member and a neutral player and himself.


    I am playing in game 2742166. I have seen a player who has had 7-10 territories under 30% morale for at least 4 days and has suffered one rebellion. He lost and then recaptured the one rebellion. I have also lost and recaptured a province from rebellion, so i know that the rebellion script is working. The area i am concerned with is northern India and the area where British Burma would be located. British Madras has had these territories since day three of the game, it is now day 7 and he has had only one rebellion the whole time, In the once capital of British Burma. How is it possible to not have any rebellion over a 4 day period with 7-8 provinces under 30% morale??