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    In my opinion some of the games take forever and loose interest of players and they move on making them dead and turning the server into a dead one. Then there are the sped up servers that I've noticed are stay alive longer. So I thought, "Man if only there was a way to create a game that was sped up". And I thought of a good way to add that to the game. So you've gotta be at least rank Corporal to have this feature, because that's the rank you are able to create games. There could be a converter box. ex, Left box is In Game time and the right box is In Real Life time. making it to where you can make for say 3IRL hrs = 24IG hrs (or 1IG day). You could also make it a slider if you want basically doing the same this except that the slider is for the selection of IRL hrs to 1 IG day. least could be 2-3 hours and max is obviously 24 hrs. I had pitched the idea to an administrator and told me the Dev team would Like to see this. I'm curious to see what every one thinks about it and what could be added / changed to it. Hope it gets added!