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    I've had this issue a few times; always with units on the water, I think always on 500 maps. Currently have it with 2 battleships northeast of Fiji in game 2,989,740. There used to be a way to find the unit, then give it commands; in effect, reactivating it. I believe it was Ctrl+F. However, when I have hundreds of units (including stacks), I don't feel like spending a half hour to search for it. For what it's worth, I prefer legacy, and zooming in and out does not work.

    I log in, and I'm offered a new game, 2910794. It's a World At War, 100 players. It never loads. So I'm off to join my other two games. Instead, I receive a failure notice because the server does not load them either. Then I get mail that I have been removed from the new game, as I have not logged in within ten minutes. That's just as well, because I'd like to know what I'm getting myself into, from the beginning, not hours later.

    Here's my issue, and it's not a complaint, but something for the programmers to consider. How about not offering games if the games are not available? Perhaps something as simple as, If server is functional, then offer game, else do not offer game.