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    Just in case it is of interest to the players who'd like to see insane speed maps on public servers: we play 100x rounds on christmas and other special occasions on our testservers. While it is quite fun (especially if you have a cold beer while playing with your colleagues) it is also quite literally insane. At 100x not only does combat between large stacks resolve in minutes, you also quite literally can't go afk, ever. If you join 3mins late, the market in the early game is completely drained. You also quite literally need more than one person playing the same account to properly move your troops at that speed.

    It is fun because of how wild it is, but it is no way suited as a serious game mode.

    How do I join if possible? And how do I bring friends?
    Would probably not play anything like this on regular basis, but once a year or two would be cool. :D

    The Frontline Pioneer* is broken right now. Impossible to enter any normal non-FP games.

    If your account is old enough, you can use Legacy mode.
    You can try mobile, since I haven't seen issues with mobile users(yet)

    Minute of silence for all Frontline Pioneers playing on PC without access to Legacy. They are getting murdered in their maps as we speak.

    Perhaps worst part is that it's Friday, which might mean it will be looked into only on Monday (hopefully not and sooner).

    *I assume you are one, if not, then it's a separate issue.

    Either way, submit a ticket/bug report.

    Edit: Nevermind it's S1 part of the forum not S1914. Though since both games essentially share the same core, there might be some overlap of issues.

    which happens how often i havent seen any sped up maps besides tutorial which everyone quits

    Depending on what speed you'd consider sped up enough. If you haven't seen those yet, then you were not looking for long.
    Of course those are available as weekly events and therefore not all the time.

    Here's event speed data from 2020 to give you some idea what to expect, but 2021 might be a little different. Also a disclaimer. Those are only averages so sometimes you can get a streak of speed games and sometimes there is a streak of slower games. Good luck and have fun. :)

    Speed % of weeks Happens on average
    1x speed or faster 100% of weeks Each week obviously
    2x speed or faster 77% of weeks Each week, but with a gap about once a month
    4x speed or faster 55% of weeks About each second week
    6x speed or faster 19% of weeks Almost each 5th week. Just under once a month
    10x speed event 8% of weeks About once in 3 months