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    I agree on some things you said but I don't think making it a 2-hour game is the way to go.

    is the only way that we can upload gameplays on youtube, it will be fantastic. Also another thinks. Only imagine this game with a lot of potential wasted only because the people don't like the system. Maybe an event of velocity x10 will be ok to test it.

    This game is absolutely love, but people leave it after not receive nothing. This game has a lot of potential, but the system is bad. A game can be so good, but if the system is bad this game will be abandon for the people, an example is Artifact (game of valve, cards game about dota2), that game was fantastic, but the system was so badddd, all people said that artifact has the best gameplay of all cards games, but the system ............ lack of leader- rank,etc.... It is similar to supremacy, absolutely love this game but I play it only for love, I do not receive nothing.

    People hate History, they love play to win if lost try again and again. Adrenaline is for a briefly time.

    Here are some advice to make this game better:


    * 5 vs 5 is ok, the actual game has up 500 players wtf, but a lot of newbies and inactive player xd.

    *If people can pick country like hero's in dota 2, and can play with another pros players, a meta can form.

    *Recommendations of players profile so the people can see it.

    *better statics.

    *If a country are to strong, has a very high win rate, a nerf can be apply.

    * Certain country can be support ( economy strong) and another can be Carry (military power or better position) or mix, etc. So people can understand his role

    *If a game is short you need to have a good skills individual (good fighting), team play, etc. It will be so addictive and good to see.

    *If a game is good to see it will be popular in youtube.

    *tornaments will be easy to organize and alliance will be popular in youtube if they are fantastic.

    *if a person is so good in individual skills he can be a carry, and he can win the game alone in low ELO.

    1. Make this game shorter, only 2 hours for complete.

    *All people enjoy enter a new game, but life is rough and the time is not always available. If I expend 30 days in total focus in the game, if two days I miss the game maybe my enemy destroy me ||. especially that games that you love then you hate the system but not the game.

    *shorter game friends can play together with having fun and good tactics.

    *The majority of people work of study, the night can be a time to play, people can play one game by day with total focus and fun.

    *shorter game you can play new tactics, you can make a new meta. You lost and then play again with fire.

    *A game with 30 days is impossible to make a gameplay and have a youtube channel or twitch channel. It can affect the game publicity. but with 2 hours it can.

    *If you are a good player, you can make a youtube-twitch channel and people can see you to learn or enjoy, you receive donations etc.

    *The majority of games have AFK, inactive players, it is so boring. with 2 hours games people enter the game and play already.

    2 match-timing:

    *if a person can play, he apply and the system put him in a list for a moment searching for another player with his ELO. Then play it.

    3. Make a picks-bans country

    *People are acostume to see it, because of lol and dota2...... It will be so good for tactic and fun.

    *For example I love France, it is so good for rush, maybe if a person know me he can ban this country... or if a person wanted to play a late game he can ban France.

    And a lot of ideas guys, what do you thing of a game like this ? :love: